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L.I.F.E. Academy BCP Training

No description

Shannon Miner

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of L.I.F.E. Academy BCP Training

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr AGENDA Disasters and the importance of planning
Basic Concepts of Business Continuity and Disaster Program Recovery Plans
Key Components of the Program Recovery Planning Process
Details of the Older Adult Day Center Business Continuity Project Business Continuity Plan Older Adult Day Center Recently: Northeast Power Outage Playstation Hack: April 19, 2012 Harris Fire: San Diego, CA 2007 2011 Tornado Damage: Joplin, MO 2012 2010 March 11, 2011; Japan F I N I T I N O S The BCP is designed to outline the steps required to recover the systems and business processes critical for daily business should a disaster of any sort occur. Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Program Recovery Plan (PRP) The PRP is an all-inclusive Program specific report that identifies all the resource requirements and prioritized actions to be taken before, during, and after a disaster event occurs so that business operations can still proceed or be recovered. Business Impact Analysis (BIA) The BIA is designed to ensure a complete understanding of all the systems and business processes in your program that are critical to routine operations. It will examine the effect that business interruption would have and the criticality of resuming specific systems or processes to normal conditions. BCP/PRP Testing/Drills Executing a controlled test/drill of an organization’s BCP or PRP to validate the ability to recover systems and business functions. Based on the maturity of the plan and history of testing, this may involve many different scenarios from a single application recovery to a full emergency simulation involving building evacuation and the engagement of alternate processes. D E Lake Michigan Water Spout; Chicago, IL 2011 Disaster Impact “43 percent of businesses suffering a disaster never recover sufficiently to resume business. Of those that do reopen, only 29 percent are still operating two years later.” "The average hourly revenue lost from downtime is $78,000" Because... Source: Disaster Recovery Journal, Summer 2007; National Archives & Records Administration. Source: Disaster Recovery Journal. Source: Disaster Recovery Journal, Summer 2007. REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: Federal, State and County regulations require it. RISK IS TOO GREAT: Disaster events are extremely expensive and can easily have an impact that is unrecoverable without the proper planning. PREPARATION PRODUCES BETTER RESULTS AND OUTCOMES: We may not be able to prevent a disaster, but good planning and training can significantly change the long term impact to our agency Having a well prepared plan may make the difference in whether our ability to serve our clients is still viable a year from now. "93 percent that lost their IT area for more than nine days had filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster." Go over plan page-by-page
Discuss scenarios
Task Lists
Missing info
Resolve questions
Dropbox account Start thinking seriously about the vulnerability of your program... ...after BIA BIA Loss of critical team members?
Natural disasters?
Freak accidents?
Loss of critical records?
Loss of IT?
Financial questions
Questions regarding key systems and processes
Business disruption and impact questions
Quantitative and qualitative loss exposure
Estimated recovery times What to Expect? Reflect... What parts are missing?
Gaping holes? PRP Testing Fire: Waukesha, WI 2000 How do you fit in? then... First...
Finalize the BCP into a logical, usable document, reflecting current and reality state focusing on PRPs
Write recovery procedures for each critical process, system, program, facility, or special item at the program level
Provide tiered BCP/PRP education and training to all team members
Execute a variety of ongoing disaster drills
Create a culture of continuity Goals of the BCP Project for 2012/2013 QUESTIONS? Mt. St. Helens; Skamania County, WA 1980 THANK YOU! Hurricane Alex, 2010 MCFI/OADC 2012 Hurricane Sandy: New York, NY
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