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Vertical Farming

No description

Aidan Maddox

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming By: Aidan Maddox Problem The inability to grow food for the worlds population sustainably and economically. Question Is there a form of farming plants
that takes less work and space? Hypothesis My hypothesis is that vertical hydroponic farming would be the best route to take to help feed the masses. It is very environmentally friendly, sustainable, and it can produce more produce in less time and space compared to a conventional farm. Hydroponic Window Farms Window farms is the idea of growing food hydroponically (without soil), and vertically
to maximize the amount of food you can
grow in a area. Pros And Cons *Can produce
more than
double the
produce *No pesticides are
needed *Window farms use
less water then a
conventional farm. *Window farms
never loose top soil
like conventional
farms. It takes
100-500 years to
regain a single inch
of top soil *First time setup cost is
more than a average garden
or farm. *You have to clean the
window farm every week
and a half. Conclusion In conclusion I believe window farms would be the most sustainable and eco friendly way to help continue feeding earths growing population, because they can grow more food in less space. In average on a normal farm you can grow 12 tomatoes in a bit less then 12 square feet but with my window farm you can grow the same amount in about 4 square feet. Also you don't have to worry about hurting the environment as much. Data My window farm system is 4 feet long about 3 1/2 feet tall and about 7 inches wide. In a conventional garden you would be able to grow any were from 4-6 plants in that area depending on the type of plants. With my system you could grow exactly 12 plants, double the amount of a conventional garden. Procedure Build your Window Farm to your window specification.
Hang your Window Farm in a large well lit window.
Plant your plants in your Window Farm.
Record your the growth of the plants compared to the growth of the same type of plants in normal soil. Window Farm Web Site http://www.windowfarms.com/ A SUSTAINABLE WAY TO GROW YOUR OWN FOOD The Difference My Questions: -What would be more efficient single or double pain window? -If my system was taller would it effect the plants at the bottom of the system? -Would my plants grow better depending on direction of window, north, east, south or west? Any Questions? 4 12 (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Plants you can grow in a 4 square foot area.
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