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BCSCICSN Presentation

For BCSCICSN Conference on Feb 5th, 2013

Vanessa Chase

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of BCSCICSN Presentation

or, how to connect people to your cause in a meaningful way
What is a story?

What is storytelling?
Facts versus Stories
Why do we need
to tell stories?
How do you tell
powerful stories?
Potential Non-Profit Audiences
Internal Stakeholders
Broader Community
We use stories to emotionally connect people to the mission and vision we serve, with the goal of inspiring their involvement with our cause
3 Common Qualities of Powerful Stories
Factors in the target audience and speaks directly to them
Elegantly demonstrates the impact the non-profit has had
Taps into the human experience, and ultimately emotion
A story is an account
of an event
Storytelling is how you convey the account of an event
Over to you:

Tell the person next to you something that happened at work last week
Storytelling is the process of presenting facts with narrative to give those facts meaning for the audience
You and Stories
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