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The ABC's of Markiplier

No description

Ariel Spellman

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of The ABC's of Markiplier

C is For Charity
The ABC's of... Markiplier (Mark Edward Fischbach)
B is for Birth
D is for Drunk Minecraft
• Mark was born on June 28, 1989 So he is currently 26 years of age :3 hehehehehe
• Mark was born in a millitary base in Honolulu, HI. :3 hehehehe....

~ Mark does live charity streams to help many diseases, like cancer and depression, he raises over $70,000 each time he does a live charity stream.
~ Mark sometimes plays Minecraft with Bob and Wade , and calls it Drunk Minecraft.
~ Mark Curently has 66 video's of Drunk Minecraft
A is for animations
By: Ariel
G is for Garrys Mod
Mark plays GMod with Bob, Wade, Sean, Yamimash and, sometimes, other YouTubers. He plays Gmod horror maps and terrorist town.
H is for Happy Wheels
I is for I am Bread
Mark played I am Bread, and hated it.
J is for Jeff the Killer
L is for Lost in the Rift
M is for Misao
N is for Nox Timore
Q is for QWOP
R is for Ripest of fears
S is for Slender
T is for Tiny Box Tim
U is for Unfair Mario
V is for VVVVVV
X is for XCVB
Z is for Zoo Race
Mark makes a lot of short animations of him playing video games.
F is for Five Nights at Freddy's
Marks Five nights at Freddy's videos is Mark #1 watched videos of his having all three games played. His number one view FNaF video has a total of 32,033,678 total views
E is for Env
O is for One Finger Death Punch
K is for Knock Knock
P is for Photobooth fun
W is for Wheres the blacksmith?
Y is for Year Walk
The Conclusion
Mark sometimes makes a video of him using effect to make his face hilarious! And making him look a little stupid :3
Mark played Env, where you have to survive for 6 minutes while the world is being sucked up buy a giant circle beam thing.
Mark makes Happy Wheel highlights, where he plays fan made happy wheel courses for him.
Thank you so much for viewing and I will see you next time....
~Buh Bye!!!~
Misao is one of my favorite games that Mark has played. He started playing with the avatar name.. heh.. Samanthra.. And his librarian friend, Isablonkers.. Ehehehehe
King of the werecats live stream
Mark played Jeff the Killer and was scrangry ( scary angry ) because it was a very short game..
Mark thought that the game Knock Knock was amusing for the most part and he made a playlist with about 11 videos, i thought it was weird but that s just me.
Mark has played lost in the rift and he got scared over nothing because nothing really happened, besides 1 second of a girl that wasnt going to kill him.
Mark flips out in this game because he is weirded out by manikins, and obviously a manikin is chasing him and ya..
Animated version
"This game is AWESOME!" ~Mark
As Mark says, Mark really enjoyed this game cause it is just cool like that, his fingers have really skill in this game.. hehehe
QWOP made Mark really unhappy because he could barely run or walk or whatever your suppose to do.. i think you're suppose to race with other people but...
The reason why I picked Ripest of fears is because of the message at the end of the video, other than that it was a fun fan made game for him and he really enjoyed it
"I feel as though I lost sight of what mattered in the race for more subscribers, I will never let that happen again, this channel is more important to me than anything It doesn't matter how many subs we have, it only matters that you believe in me and that I believe equally in you. I have allowed myself to become obsessed with something that was never important to begin with, you all have changed my life and I will eternally be grateful for that I owe everything I have to you." - Mark ;)
Tiny Box Tim, Marks all time best friend and companion!
Animation yay!
Where's the Blacksmith is one of Marks many animations, this is one of my favs!
Mark has played slender one of his most watched videos when he was just starting YouTube.
Unfair Mario as it sounds is unfair.. Mark has hated this game because it has taken him forever to complete
A hard game like unfair mario, VVVVVV, has made Mark very angry so he hasnt enjoyed games like this..
XCVB was very hard for mark because it is very hard, and a rage game like the last few games I have said
Year walk is another game Mark has played he enjoyed this game because it was not like I am bread
Zoo race is a game that Mark has thought is very weird he didn't exactly understand what your suppose to do.

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