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99.3 Presentation

A presentation focused on the biblical imperative for Christians to pursue justice.

Jody Lightfoot

on 10 December 2011

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Transcript of 99.3 Presentation

What is justice? How did Jesus embody Justice? How can we embody justice? How did the early church embody justice? What is unjust in our world? "Exploring the biblical mandate for Christians to pursue justice" Mishpat Tzedakah What is justice? Holistic Gospel Who is my neighbour? How did the early church
embody justice? How rich is the average Australian

a) top 15%
b) top 8%
c) top 1% How lucky are we? Cities in the world: 2 and a half million
Top 10: Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide What is unjust in our world? We have more than halved the proportion
of people living in extreme poverty
in the last 20 years How can we embody justice? Organisations The 99.3 Action Time period
Why 99.3? How did Jesus embody justice? Millennium Development Goals The Action 99-3.com 99-3.com Register at Donate or fundraise Stay active Fair trade Volunteer Reduce carbon footprint Educate Raise awareness How can we embody justice? Stay informed Pray Sign up at 99-3.com

Micah Challenge
Make Poverty History
World Vision
The Oaktree Foundation
Tear Australia
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