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The Death of Princess Diana

No description

Mackenzie McGinnis

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of The Death of Princess Diana

The Death of Princess Diana
Diana dies in car accident
In the car was her, boyfriend Dodi, bodyguard and and driver
She died on August 31, 1997
She had recently divorced Charles and found new boyfriend Dodi Mohamed
She was 46 when she died
Theory One:
Faked Death
couldn't handle media attention
depression, overwhelmed
Sophie Rhys-Jones
shared identity
accidental death
Theory Two:
Drunk Driver
Henry Paul was assigned driver that night
Had been drinking, a lot
Legally about double over drunk limit
Drove twice over the speed limit
Theory Three:
The driver, Henry Paul had just yelled at the paparazzi outside of the hotel
Paparazzi started chasing the Mercedes Benz with the Princess inside
Chase was to out of control and the car was crashed
Theory Four:
SAS Murder
Royal family was responsible
White Fiat Uno
Would embarrass crown by marrying Dodi, who was Muslim
Possibly pregnant
Harry & William's stepfather
Our Thoughts
Combination of paparazzi stress and drunk driving
Unfortunate night made of bad decisions
Paparazzi everywhere can make driving difficult
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