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Cristie Christopher

on 12 March 2010

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Transcript of SPAIN!!!!!!!!!


This is a castile in Leon. This is a gothic tower in Barcelona. SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Futball[soccer] is strong with spain people eather are at home watching games or they walk around town with a radio so that way they can listin to the games.Spain also has Bullfights and we should be familiar with Basket ball, we also should be familiar with Tennis, Golf, Skiing,we all know that because the winter Olympics,and last but not least formula 1 [raceing, nascar]. FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some food in Spain is fresh and dried chorizo sausages, beautiful Serrano hams,and Spanish saffron. ARMED FORCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In 2002 the Spanish armed forces totaled 177,950, 9,400 were female,the 118,800 member army was armed with 682 main battle tanks.The navy had 26,950 members including 700 naval aviators and 5,600 marines.Equipment including 1 aircraft carrier,15 frigates 8 submarines, 37 coastal and patral combatants. SAFETY/CRIME Decades ago Spain used to be at least one of the least one of the of the safest places in the world in terms of crime. TEMPERATURE/WEATHER CONDITIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the average of rainfall of Madrid is 65% and in Barcelona is 68% in C What city I did and why! The city I chose was Madrid because it is the capital of Spain, and it has nice weather.It also now has good security,and it has some really nice places.
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