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Elizabethan Women

No description

Teya Stanković

on 15 June 2014

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Transcript of Elizabethan Women

By Helen Hurmiz
Teya Stankovic

Elizabethan Women
The Elizabethan women's lifestyle
was a lot different than the modern day women's way of living. They had a lot
less freedom and had many boundaries. There wasn't much to do besides work around the house and care for the children. Their roles in society were also extremely limited, and they barely had any voice. Marriage was more commonly out of parental interest than love. Women didn't receive the same type of education then, that they do now and they were also treated with a lot less respect. The Elizabethan times were a lot different
than today.

Women in Elizabethan times usually
had big families, with 12 or 13 children.
It was expected for women to have children
and give birth every two years. Many of the children would die due to lack of medicine. Since
they didn't have sanitary equipment that we
have now, the women would have their children delivered by a relative and at home due to lack of hospitals. There were also some superstitions. For example; during pregnancy, the mother would wear a charm on her neck for good luck. Another example is how the baby had to be carried upstairs before downstairs. Being pregnant was a great honor to Elizabethan women because it was thought to be a blessing from God. Lastly, when the babies were
born, they were named after their parents
or ancestors.
Role in Society
Daily Routine
In conclusion, ways of lifestyle have changed drastically for women from the Elizabethan times and now. In this era, women had barely any freedom and were told to take care of children and the home. They weren't allowed to have any roles in society and weren't treated equally to men.
The clothing in Elizabethan times would say a lot about who was wearing them. The poor women would usually wear chemises and smocks and they would also be used to sleep in. Wealthy women would wear bright and dark colours, since bright and dark clothes were more expensive to make. Your rank and position could be immediately recognized by color and material. Women would normally wear gowns and tight fitting dresses with puffy sleeves and ruffles. They also wore girdles and corsets to accentuate their curves. Women were not allowed to wear whatever they liked. For example, they would never be able to wear a short sleeve shirt because they were not able to show anything from shoulder to wrist.
Poor women`s dress
Wealthy women`s dress
Just like in today's modern society, a woman's
wedding day was one of the most important days of her life. Unfortunately, the women had barely any choice in whom they married, since most marriages were arranged by parents that wanted to benefit from the joining. Women were expected to bring goods, property or money to the marriage. Marriage at a young age was not un-common, with the age of consent at 14 for boys, and 12 for girls. Since these wedding were arranged, it was not normal for couples to first meet right on their wedding day. The law gave the man complete rights over the women, basically meaning they are owned by their husbands. While the wedding took place, guests would stand and then later on have a grand feast, which was one of the most important parts of the celebration. Exotic foods like peacock were often served. After the wedding, the newly-weds would often get right to pro-creating.
Life back in the Elizabethan era for women was pretty limited. All married women had chores and duties that had to be performed daily. Basically, their days would consist of praying as soon as they woke up, cleaning the house, dressing the children, looking after swines, collecting eggs, milking cows, suckling the calves, sending corn to corn mill, making butter and cheese, cooking meals, washing anything dirty, making candles and spinning/weaving.
Women had very few roles in society. They were considered the ''weaker sex'' and were inferior to men not only physically, but also emotionally. They were expected to become wives, birth children, take care of them and the home. Women were not allowed to take part in any professions, such as law, politics or medicine. They did, however, often have good educations provided by tutors. Unfortunately, they were not allowed to go to university. A woman was also allowed to write, but not for the public. Plays and such were written by men, and even female roles were played by young boys. Women were also not allowed to vote. A woman's role in society has changed drastically.
-Growing up in Elizabethan Times- Amanda Clarke.
- http://www.william-shakespeare.info/elizabethan-women.htm
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