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Inquiry Research Project: Small Businesses

To what extent can small businesses survive in the modern economic climate?

Julie Butler

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Inquiry Research Project: Small Businesses

To what extent can small businesses survive in the modern economic climate?
What STYLE of prompt is it?
To what extent

can small businesses survive in the
economic climate?

INTERPRET the terms
Setting the CONTEXT
Discursive Thesis

While some small businesses have the means and opportunities to thrive because of their uniqueness and neighborhood-friendly environment, on the other hand, many small businesses can not thrive due to large companies that control the economy and the limit of materials.
To what extent can small businesses survive in the modern economic climate?
Small businesses are unique and specialized...
(C)laim/ Student Idea:
Sometimes small businesses offer products that can not be found in common places, which makes their products unique.
(E)xplain/Concrete (E)vidence:
The image to the left is part of the menu of a small business, Santioni's, and to the right is the menu of a chain restaurant, Olive Garden. By observing both menus, you see that there are different options. One notices that Santioni's offers veal, which is not something commonly offered at Italian restaurants. This sets it apart from other chain Italian restaurants.
Inquiry Research Project:
Small Businesses

By: Julie Butler, Melianis Cruz, and Noah Zink
"small business"
few employees
a person's trade
"economic climate"
material needs
job availability
fluctuating stock market
recent times
Often times, regional chain stores such as, Publix are not able to price their items as low as international chain stores like Walmart.
Concrete Evidence
Concrete Evidence
To what extent can
small businesses

in the
economic climate
Throughout the world, there are more than 6,100 Walmart's, while there are only 1,099 Publix's in the southern region of the US. This proves how international companies make more profit due to the wider range of business and can easily out profit national or regional companies.
There is much debate about whether small businesses are able to thrive in today's economy. In the modern economic climate, small businesses are able to survive because they are unique and offer some materials that cannot be found in other common places, whereas large businesses are able to thrive because they control the economy and have unlimited supplies.
"Family-run Publix is both the largest employee-owned company and the most profitable grocer in America."
--Forbes Magazine
To what extent can small businesses survive in the modern economic climate?
(C)laim/ Student Idea
Personalized Interactions with Local Shops
To what extent can small businesses survive in the modern economic climate?
Not only are there large corporate chain stores located in the U.S., but they are also located internationally.
Contrasting to Alex from Target, the owners of First Coast Barbershop create a friendly atmosphere where the people are treated more like friends than customers. This creates a relationship between the shop and the community surrounding it.
To what extent can small businesses survive in the modern economic climate?
In large businesses, the consumer may not always be able to make a personal connection with the workers...
Claim/ Student Idea
While shopping at neighborhood stores, people are more apt to make friendlier connections with the employees, as opposed to the employees of large corporate stores...
Alex from Target
Alex from Target is an example of how customers are much less likely to get to know the cashiers. In this case, Alex became "Insta-famous" because a female customer thought he was cute and tweeted his picture. In reality, she really had no idea what he was like, besides the fact that he is cute and was her cashier.
Small businesses would be able to thrive, if large corporations did not control so much of the economy today.
(C)laim/Students Idea:
For instance,
, is worth more than $700 billion. It has surpassed all competition including
. One wonders how smaller businesses are to compete and try to thrive when a company this large is also very active in the market.
Due to the fact that small businesses are only able to cater to a limited number of consumers, they are easily out done by large businesses with unlimited supplies...
Explain/ Concrete Evidence
Now you see it... now you don't
Mainstreet America has vanished and the old buildings with the friendly staff of servers that operated small businesses has now been replaced with highrise buildings and skyscrapers that may only account for one large business.
Tailors to Macy's: How the times have changed...
As time progressed, clothes became more universally fitting and tailors began to fade away as large department stores, such as Dillard's or Macy's, started to pop up. This demonstrates how small companies, that were once necessary to the public are going out of business due to large companies that can provide more.
Limitations of Small Businesses
Many larger companies, like Amazon, have a large amount of inventory and able to ship millions of items out while small businesses don't have this much inventory to sell. Also the easiness of ordering items from amazon.com, attracts the customers of today cause the world is much more technologically advanced.
Although it is illegal in the U.S. to have a monopoly, larger companies have created a very competitive market for small businesses to grow in.
(E)xplain/Concrete (E)vidence:
(C)laim/Student Idea:
Looking back into the past, one can see how there were smaller more necessary stores that have simply disappeared because they are no longer necessary.
Drawing Conclusions/ Future Implications:
Small businesses can most certainly survive in today's modern economic climate, however, it is extremely difficult. Conclusively, large businesses can easily thrive making it very difficult for small businesses to do so. Even if the small business has great customer service and is unique, large companies have larger supplies and are well-known across the world. It is important, however, to remember that all large businesses had to start somewhere, proving that they were able to survive, and even thrive, in the economic climate of the time. A small business can only grow and learn from large businesses to eventually thrive in the modern economy.
Recycled Prompts:
To what extent are small businesses in your country still affected by the recent financial upheavals?
How far has your country recovered from the global financial crisis?
Mulit-national companies often exploit the resources of other countires. To what extent should they be made responsible for any damage caused?
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Publix Walmart
This shows how Publix may have the best customer service, but stores that are international have a larger profit.
Thank you!!
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