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Jewish Nation

No description

Samantha Clausen

on 23 June 2011

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Transcript of Jewish Nation

Jewish Nation Appearance Men -Tzitzit
-Kippa Women Married -Sheital or tichel
-Tznius Statnez is forbidden Beliefs -believe that one person cannot die for anothers sins
-believe that they do not need a blood sacrifice for forgiveness of sins
-believe that Jesus is not the Messiah
-believes that God hates human sacrifices
-do not believe in original sin-born to original purity
-believe that God is one and indivisible
-believe in Satan but not the devil
-believe that God is God and humans are humans
-believe that "Jews for Jesus," Messianic Jews," and "Hebrew Christians" are no longer Jews even if they once were
-believe "Jewish roots" of Christianity Holidays/Celebrations •Shabbat (Shah-baht) - Hebrew name means Sabbath *(“The Day of Rest and Worship”)*
When it is:
Traditional Food:
Challah: Two loaves of braided egg bread
Hamin: Stew of beans, grains and meat
Begins with the lighting of candles
Special Synagogue Services and Blessings at meals
Spend time together, Eat, Take walks, Study the Torah, Sing Songs, etc.
Symbol of the Holiday:
Candles, Wine, Challah, Flowers
Shabbat Shalom – Peaceful Sabbath • Hanukkah – Hebrew name means Dedication *(“Commemorates the Jewish recapture and rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem in 164 BCE.”)*
 When it is:
December 20, 2011; December 8, 2012; November 27, 2013
 Traditional Food:
(Fried Food) – Latkes (Potato Pancakes) and Sufganiyot (Jelly Doughnuts)
 Activities:
Lighting the candles in the Menorah (Candelabra)
Playing with a top, Dreidel
 Symbols of the Holiday:
Menorah, Candles, Dreidel
 Greeting:
Happy Hanukkah • Rosh Hashanah- The Jewish New Year
 When it is:
*At sundown during September*
o September 28-30, 2011; September 16-18, 2012; September 4-6, 2013
 Traditional Food:
Apples dipped in honey, String Beans, Pumpkin, etc.
 Activities:
Focus on forgiveness
Throw crumbs of bread into a body of water (preferably with fish in it)
 Symbols of the Holiday:
Shofar (Instrument made from a ram’s horn), Tashlich (Ceremony during the first day of Rosh Hashanah), Honey-dipped apples
 Greeting:
L’Shanah Tovah – May you have a good year Cuisines Apple Cake Bagel and Lox Blintzes Challah Cholents Gefilte Fish Holishkes Knishes Kugel Matzah Ball Soup Tzimmes Holocaust Judged harshly Killed by Nazi's 1935 the Nuremburg law was passed November 1938 a Nazi was shot November 10 the campaign began Concentration Camps Kippa Tzitzit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2iEdfrTOwU
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