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No description

Mumtahina Huda

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of Interstellar

Mumtahina Huda
AP Literature
January 4, 2015


Dr. Amelia Brand
A mission that can be accomplished in many ways and is often the goal in many stories
Saving the Earth
Man's Need to Learn the
The Feminist/Love Interest-the empowered female character who is upright, slightly aggressive, ambitious, prideful, and is constantly at odds with Cooper

A parent who takes a lot of pride in their children and may also try to live their dreams vicariously through them
Sacrificing for the Sake of the Mission

-Humans are small beings trying unravel secrets that cannot be fathomed.

-color represents the unknown
-only a sliver of planets and other forms are shown, but all is immersed in a pool of darkness and has yet to be explored
Murph's Bookshelf
Tom & Murph
Bickering Siblings-the siblings who are always at odds
Interstellar is a science fiction movie. It takes place during the Dust Bowl, a dilemma that caused a traumatic shortage of crops and inflicted terrible health conditions for the human race.
The story's main character, Cooper, was an ex-pilot for NASA. After time passes, and life on Earth becomes more hazardous to its inhabitants, Coop stumbles upon an underground version of NASA with the man who initiated the first launch Coop participated in.
Coop has to pilot the ship that can lead the astronauts to a solution for mankind, but the mission doesn't guarantee a safe return. Each minute wasted on potential planets for human life equals several years on Earth.
At his children's parent-teacher conferences, Coop keeps denying the principle's claim about there being no need for a college-education and engineers at this time. Farming is the only practical career for his children. Truthfully, farming isn't a life he wants for himself.
NASA's has 2 plans that must take effect or else the human race will be extinct.

-Plan A: find a new planet for mankind
-Plan B: the astronauts abandon Earth's inhabitants and start new colonies of humans on a another planet.
Tom and Murph think very differently when it comes to their outlook on life. Tom lives more in the present, while Murph constantly hypothesizes the future, following in her dad's footsteps.
Dr. Amelia Brand is the daughter of old Professor Brand, whom Coop was acquainted with. She tends to put her work before herself and others.
The Pure Child-displays innocent curiosity
Murph is always curious and looks up to her father. She's always reading his books and observing her room. Her innocence comes from her interest in ghosts, and her use of fantasy when unable to explain things. She is often ridiculed by her older brother, Tom, because of this.
Tom fits in with the other characters in the story. He believes that farming is a practical path and denies that the constant dust-storms will be the downfall of mankind.He lives very much in the present. As he and Murph become adults, their silly arguments emerge into a large distinction of morals and character.
The Gateway to a Solution

"Love is the one thing that transcends time and space" ~Dr. Amelia Brand
The team must choose between two planets, one trip is more time consuming, but Dr. Brand is inclined to go to Edmund's planet because she was in love with the scientist. She believes that love is a trustworthy guide.
Coop possibly has to sacrifice a life with his children, and the team's last resort may be to sacrifice the people of Earth.
Character Archetypes
Situational Archetypes
The Hero
Professor Brand
The Mentor Figure
Reason of Choice: the only person around with experience in piloting a spaceship, space is his playground

Inner Conflict: disagrees with the present society,must choose between his dream or cherish what he's got

Desires:wants his children to dream and achieve like he wants to

His "Weapon":his instincts and experience
The Quiet of Space
Time is crucial in any journey or mission.
The Parent Who Wants the Best for Their Children
The Team
Professor Brand is the intelligence behind this plan to save the human race. His old age portrays him to be a wise character. While he is the one doing the problem solving, his intentions are hard to decipher.
Backs the main character on his/her quest during times of need
The Member with Cold-Feet
Romilly is a physicist and an astronaut who is afraid of space travel. He remains on the spaceship, while Brand and Coop explore a worm-hole near Saturn. After taking too long, the team comes back to find that he has aged 23 years, 4 months, and 8 days.
The Team Spirit
"You can't just think about your family now, you have to think bigger than that." ~Doyle
Space Handshake from "Them", or their future selves.
The opposing characters in this story believe that people like Coop are only exhausting resources for research missions that have no value to Earth.
Cooper's father
-the comedic relief
-brings Cooper down to earth
(telling him to "reproduce" our race)
-rays of dust on Murph's floor
-inside the worm-hole
Light Blue
-characters are often seen wearing this color
-symbolizes stability, understanding, and calm

-black holes are actually yellow
-in the shot, there's the yellow energy with blackness at the core, an intimidating image
-normally used to issue a warning when placed against black (possible foreshadowing)
Murph often brings them up, and becomes a guide to an actual scientific discovery.
The force that chose this team to save the human race.
Science VS Fantasy
While Murph takes after her father, Cooper is still trying to get her out of the fantastical world she lives in. If she believes in ghosts, he believes that she should prove it to him using the Scientific Method and get her facts in order.
Screenplay written by Jonathan and Christopher Nolan
Directed by Christopher Nolan
Possible Themes
-Science VS Fantasy
-Time is Key
-The Unknown is Man's Playground
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