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Lanterns in the Steeple: Implementing Learning Skills Objective Matrices

2013 College Reading & Learning Association Conference

Emily OConnor

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of Lanterns in the Steeple: Implementing Learning Skills Objective Matrices

Lanterns in the Steeple:
Introductions / About Rasmussen College
Why Learning Skills?
Current scholarship
Dweck and Growth Mindset
Fostering an Independent Learner
Creating the Independent Learner Scale and Learning Skills Matrices
Practical Applications
Future Implementations
Questions ~ Comments ~ Contact Us
Why Learning Skills?
Current Scholarship
"form of knowing how to do something"
ability vs. attempt
"direct impact on motivation, confidence, and (subsequently) learning success"
"meta-outcomes cut across" cognitive, affective, psychomotor and conative domains
Creating the
Independent Learner Scale
and Learning Skill Matrices
Acquisition of levels of learning skills will result in increased self-regulation, motivation, and confidence
The progression of learning skills provides immediate opportunities to introduce and assess skill assessment
Learning Skills differ from (and provide a foundation for) Developmental and General Education skills
Academically at-risk student assessment and coaching
Individual learner assessment (start to graduation or snapshot)
Tutor training and development
Embedded instruction in first quarter and high-fail courses
Learning Center assessment
Questions ~
Comments ~ Contact Us
Implementing Learning Skills
Objective Matrices

Practical Applications
Faculty & Staff Development
Admissions Representative Onboarding: Library & Learning Resources and the Independent Learner Progression Scale
26 campuses in six states
14,000 students in seven programs
Primarily new traditional students
+/- 10% of student academically at-risk
Learning Center Coordinators own tutor management and learning skill development
About Rasmussen College
Emily O'Connor
Dean of Library & Learning Services
Jon Mladic
Associate Dean of Learning Center
Dweck and Growth Mindset
Fixed Mindset = Reliant Learner
Growth Mindset = Independent Learner
Fostering an Independent Learner
Matrix 1: Test-Taking and Preparation
Matrix 2: Problem Solving
Matrix 3: Reading Comprehension
Matrix 4: Consumption of Information
Student Coaching
Growth Mindset language
Workshop Development
Matrix Objectives and Workshop Outcomes
Future Implementations
What should we add/change?
What are other uses?
Additional literature
Matrix 5: Time Management
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