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The Wise Old Woman

Response to Literature

Tu Quach

on 25 November 2010

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Transcript of The Wise Old Woman

The Wise Old Woman Theme: Elders have more experiences than young people Lord Didn't Respect Elders Lord said they were useless
They couldn't able to work for a living
Elders (71 years old) had to go to the mountains and wait until they died. Supporting Quotes:
"I have no use for old people in my village.
They are neither useful nor able to work for a living." Elders are wiser The mother helped the village three times
First time: Bring a box containing one thousand ropes of ash
Second time: Sent a log with a small hole that curved and bent seven times throught its length
Third time: Bring a drum that sounds without being beaten Supporting Quotes:
"Why, this is the easiest of them all.
Make a drum with sides of paper and put a bumblesbee inside.
As it tries to escape, it will buzz and beat itself against the paper and you will have a drum that sounds without being beaten." Old woman said.
(Task 3) Page 212 About the Author Yoshiko Uchida’s birthday was on November 24th, 1921 in Alameda, California, United States.
She’s a Japanese American writer.
She writes short stories, novels, and children’s book like fiction or folktales. She has written 42 books and The Wise Old Woman was her second last book. She died when she was 70 in 1992. Summary A Japanese folktale that tells about a cruel overlord and a young farmer's elderly mother. The overlord had set three impossible tasks for the young lord's village. The whole village couldn't solve the problems. Only one person could, which was a farmer's mother. She solved the problems easily, and had saved the village. Recommendation:
Age from 10 - 15 Why, that is not such an impossible task. All one has to do is soak ordinary rope in salk warter and dry it well."(Task 1) Page 210 "Why, that is not so difficult. Put some sugar at one end of the hole. Then tie and ant to a piece of silk thread and put it in at the other end. He will weave his way in and out of the curvs to get to the sugar and he will take the silk thread with him" (Task 2) Page 211
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