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Child Tracking

This helps you to know where your child is in case of an emergency

Ebone' Sarratt

on 15 December 2009

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Transcript of Child Tracking

Background Info:
How It Works:
Type of Products Used:
There’s nothing sadder than reading about a lost child in the newspaper or seeing the story of a child gone missing on the news. But,now technology has advanced to where parent can get there children something smaller than a pager to keep track of there every move.
GPS systems for kids are small devices that can be worn like a pager, implanted in a watch or attached to the childs clothing or backpack. It will then deliver information to you about the child’s location at all times providing you with peace of mind. The GPS systems can be programmed to send information in intervals as short as 15 seconds so you will always know where your child is.
Child Tracking
In this photo made Sept. 29, 2009, Joe Nesbitt, 44, and his daughter Helen, 3, are pictured at their home in Henderson, Nev. Nesbitt used a Brickhouse Child Locator when he was separated from his daughter while vacationing at Sea World.
By: Ebone' Sarratt
Missing Since: 8/3/2007
Age Now:3
Missing from:
Something this small can be placed
in a child backpack and tell you
their every whereabout.
The Safe Place monitor, seen on the infant's right ankle, is now in use at St. Mary's Hospital in Leonardtown to protect from infant abductions.
GPS devices for keeping track of children are very useful if you want to pinpoint your child's location and whereabouts at any time. Especially if your child walks to and from school alone, or without adult supervision, you would want to protect your child from strangers and perpetrators. Having GPS devices for keeping track of children will let you know whether your child has arrived in school safely, and it can help you locate your child in the event that he/she does not return on time.
Problems associated with it
Impact on Society
GPS has made a huge impact in our society. It has changed the way people communicate and live. GPS has made our environment a more safer and easier place to live. GPS is being used to help parents find and keep track of their children.
My Recommendations
"It’s kind of expensive to do but peace of mind because I can know where she is"- Quote from a parent
It may well be a good thing for many parents to be able to locate their children, especially in an emergency. But I’m afraid that this technology is making children accustomed to being tracked at all times, and therefore the next generation will grow up without an appreciation for privacy, and with a quiet acquiescence to the coming surveillance state.
The GPS watch can be securely fastened to a child's wrist and will trigger an alert if forcibly removed.
GPS child tracking is the strategy of using modern global location devices to keep track of children when they are not within visual range of parents or caregivers.
Global Positioning System
I think that parents, especially with younger children should get a GPS device for them. For example, when they are going in a very populated area (ex: grocery stores, malls, etc.) were a child can
wander off easily while a parent is shopping. So to prevent this
parents should invest in GPS devices for their children
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