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No description

Nina Teal

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of K-Pop

K-POP Comes From
South Korea K-Pop Stands For Korean Pop Songs about
Self fulfillment
Success and Power Lyrical Content
? There is
NONE What Is K- Pop The Sound Kpop Is A type of music Welcome To Our World Songs can be Misleading... Pop VS Hip Hop Pop Music
Cute Beat,upbeat and fun
Can also be very sad and dramatic Hip Hop
More intense beat
Lyrics vary The Look Typical Look of a K Idol G- Dragon vs Lee Taemin Boy Bands vs Girl Groups There are few solo produced acts The size varies... Cross overs? Japan
America Globalization In Conclusion K-Pop is difffernt in the look and the sound of the music.
Kpop is not just in Korea
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