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Mary Ann Shadd, famous Black Canadian

No description

Huda Zavery

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Mary Ann Shadd, famous Black Canadian

Mary Ann Shadd
October 9, 1823 – June 5, 1893 Mary Ann is a writer, educator, lawyer and an abolitionist She was the first black newspaper woman in North America, a newspaper called: Provincial Freeman Mary Ann Shadd Cary also established a school that was open to children of all races. When the Civil War broke out, Mary Ann Shadd Cary returned to the United States to help in the war effort. After the war, Cary became a pioneering spirit in a new direction, earning a law degree in 1883 from Howard University. 1883- She was the second African American woman in the United States to earn this degree. Poet Aboltionist Writer Newspaper woman As a lawyer she worked for the right to vote. She was one of few woman to receive the right to vote in federal elections. QUOTE: "Self-reliance Is the Fine Road to Independence."
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