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The Great and Elegant Prezi

No description

Claire Holahan

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of The Great and Elegant Prezi

The Great and Elegant Prezi
Introduction to Prezi
Prezi Use
Joining Prezi
Web-based, so requires a log in
Three options: Free, $4.92 a month, 13.25 a month
Prezis stored and available to share with other Prezi users

Though the formatting is consistently 'Prezi' style, it is possible to insert extra blocks of text, video, and pictures.

Formatting Options
Share through:
PDF File
By individual link
Overview of Prezi
Unique and Elegant
Great for wide-spread presentations
Easy to review information
Story-telling basis
Thank you for your attention!
Any questions?
Claire Holahan
Motion Sickness
Learning Curve
Web based
Limited design options
Disadvantages of Prezi
U.S.-Hungarian cloud-based system
Prezi vs. Powerpoint
Prezi is non-linear
Sharing function
Zoom Function
Saves Automatically
About Prezi?
Pros and Cons of free sharing:
Pros: Anyone can see
Cons: Anyone can see
Or here!
Or over here!
Or up here!
little text
Here's a picture of a guinea pigs.
I can add text here!
Add new frame (circle, rectangle, square)
Change path
New theme
Thank you!
What do you think?
Does Prezi offer unique and effective ways of presenting, or is does it emphasize less substantive elements of storytelling?
After viewing this presentation, do you think you'll give Prezi a try?
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