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The Norwegian Green IT Project Focuses on Green Data Centres and Video Conferencing

an overview on how Norways ICT industry want to reduce CO2 emissions

Mariano Valles

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of The Norwegian Green IT Project Focuses on Green Data Centres and Video Conferencing

The Norwegian Green IT Project Focuses on Green Data Centers and Video Conferencing Green Data Centers We see many ways in which ICT can make a significant contribution to European CO2 levels, such as: Although having Clean electricity 99% of electricity is Hydroelectric Telemedicine -> meet patients virtually Video Conference Travel and transportation account for a big amount of country's CO2 emissions In Tromso 8.5 planes filled with patients everyday 80 % planned appointments
many could be replaced by video Clean Electricity (160 Hydro plants)
Economically, politically stable
Good broadband capacity Cloud data centers good location Moving Datacenters to Norway could reduce Europe's Data center energy consumption (34 Twh in 2007) Video Conferencing Green Data Centers by B. Fastermaller presentation: http://www.nordicenergysolutions.org/performance-policy/norway Norway: Carbon neutral by 2030 long distances
sparse population and No, I am not Norweigian and/or Norway's Minister of Energy or Tourism Mariano Valles
2011 Smart Smart Grids Smart Cities Smart Transportation
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