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Qkly | BBVA Challenge @UrbanBeers 2013

Spotting short queues with credit card transactions

Michele Trevisiol

on 14 August 2015

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Transcript of Qkly | BBVA Challenge @UrbanBeers 2013

Innova Challenge
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
"Spotting short queues
with credit card transactions"
How does
it work?
the bank has opened his real trade data for the first time
customers demographic
statistics of consumption
category, location,
gender, age,
avg $, #payments, #cards
location, population
gender, age
consumption patterns
category, location
avg $, max $, min $, std
#payments, #cards
customer zipcodes
timestamp, category
(from where the user came)
(where the use went)
incomes (total $)
#payments, #cards
"from where the customers arrive"
"weekly statistics of consumption"
(by category or location)
"information about the customers"
"customers info per business category/location"
Luca Chiarandini
Michele Trevisiol
(younger version)
business category
no. of payments
no. of credit cards
std deviation
is a trip planner that reduces the time you spend in queues.
how many people there are in each moment at each place.
how much time you will spend waiting in the queue or stocked in the crowd.
when is the best time to avoid the crowd.
your city without queues.
(shops, restaurants, bars, shopping centers, .. )
"Spotting short queues with credit card transactions"
to know
" I had two days to visit Barcelona.. thanks to Qkly I was able to make the best plans to visit all the places I was interested in.
I found very little queues and I saved a lot of time. "
to know
" I am crazy about shopping, but I really hate being surrounded by hundreds of people. With Qkly I organized my Saturday and I was able to go in all the shops I loved. Qkly is great! Even if my credit card does not agree... "
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