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An American Who Made A Difference: Steven Spielberg

Social Studies Powerpoint Presentation

Sanjana Thaper

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of An American Who Made A Difference: Steven Spielberg

by Sanjana Thaper
An American Who Made a Difference:
Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg, a passionate film maker, director and producer, pursued his interest in the art of filmmaking at an early age, leading to the expansion of the Hollywood Film Industry, influencing others to appreciate the historical ancestors who fought for America and introducing a new unique style of filmmaking.
What influenced Spielberg's actions? What was going on in society during his time period?
What actions did Spielberg take in order to affect change?
Spielberg helped the Hollywood Film Industry expand and produce movies of significantly better quality.
He was an early adopter and innovator of Computer-Generated Imagery.
He resurrected the genre Science Fiction.

Spielberg influenced others to appreciate the historical ancestors who fought for America, through the movies he directed.
Saving Private Ryan- A film that explained World War II from a soldier’s point of view and the hardships they had to face to survive and defend their country.
The film had a huge impact on veterans as well as the American Society
influenced modern directors such as Quentin Tarantino, David Fincher, and Tim Burton, just to name a few.
What are the enduring differences in the U.S. today as a result of Spielberg's actions?
Spielberg has created a unique and innovative style of filmmaking, opening the doors for future directors to make their movies the best they can be.
A few of Spielberg’s trademarks that have made a lasting impression on his generation and many to come, were how he used light beams peeking through misty fog, low angle camera shots and slow camera zooms for dramatic effect.
His technique with the camera showed perspective, making the films he directed more enjoyable by the audience.
Who or what was immediately influenced by Spielberg's actions and in what ways?
Every typical American household had a television during Spielberg's time
The magic of the silver screen influenced and "fueled the fire" for his ambition to become a filmmaker.
Spielberg was bullied throughout his years in middle and high school because of the fact that he was an Orthodox Jew, thus his only escape from the hurtful comments were his passion for filmmaking.
Spielberg was born on December 18, 1946
Went to Saratoga High School in California.
He made the movies people love today.
Steven Spielberg has been an integral part of the growth, success, and charm of Hollywood movies.
With his innovative style and technique, Steven Spielberg was able to change the way movies are seen today and how Americans view creativity and imagination. His enduring differences in society helped the Hollywood Film industry expand with better technology, influencing others to appreciate war veterans and introducing a unique style of filmmaking. Steven Spielberg created an era of blockbusters that is irreplaceable. His legacy will live forever.

“Notice where you're standing when you watch the rehearsal... and then put the camera there.”

~Steven Spielberg
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