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Remnants of Jim Crow

No description

Conner Sells

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of Remnants of Jim Crow

Remnants of Jim Crow
History of Jim
Jim Crow was the name of the racial system that applied to Southern states between 1877-the mid 1960s. Jim Crow was a lot more anti-black laws in the South. Jim Crow turned into a lifestyle for these people. Jim Crow lowered the status of African Americans to lower class citizens than white people. Major Institutions began to support the unjust authority over African Americans. According to the Jim Crow system whites were more important than African Americans in every important way. African Americans were not looked at as equal during the Jim Crow era.

Jim Crow Today
NYC Stop and Frisk
Black People Being Targeted
Did you know that today, 40.2% of all prison inmates are African Americans? Blacks might be starting to be targeted because of their color. African Americans are watched closely today as they were years ago. There are more African Americans in jail then there were black slaves back then. There were many Black Americans that were slaves in the past but now, that's not a lot compared to how many are in prison today. They are getting accused of possession of drugs, stealing, murder, and many more things. Many African Americans are different from how many people assume them to be. They have been treated better and allowed to do more and have rights today then they did back then. But in some places racism is a problem. And those are the places where these African Americans get accused of doing things and where violence will start. African Americans are being targeted because of their color.
Ferguson Race Riots
Michael Brown was a black teenager that was shot by a police officer in Ferguson Missouri. Many people viciously rioted when the police officer was not charged for killing an unarmed person. These people believed that the police officer profiled the young man and shot him due to racism.
Michael Brown
Pic 4
Pic 5
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The NYPD’s stop and frisk issue raises concern for racial profiling. Police officers began to stop African Americans illegally and invade their privacy rights. The police are stopping thousands of New Yorkers and most of them are African Americans or Latinos. New Yorkers have been stopped on the street and have been interrogated over 4 million times in 2002.

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Ferghuson Race Riots
NYC Stop and Frisk
Black People Being Targeted
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A Brooklyn Man Is Suing the NYPD after He Was Falsely Arrested. Love Olatunjiojo Was Walking down the Street with Two of His Friends When Three Police Officers Cuffed Them for Drug Possession. N.d. New York City.
October 22, 2013
January 9, 2013,
October 22, 2014
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