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book talk

No description

Julie Park

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of book talk

Book Talk Heartsinger
By Karlijn Stoffels Julie Park A boy who is called Mee was born with a great gift: the ability of singing for others' stories, seeing inside a person's soul, and heal them. He also has a secret that others don't know. When his father dies , Mee's mother is so sad that she doesn't care about Mee. Even though she doesn't nurture him but he still loves her, he doesn't complain about her. A girl whose name is Mitou also was born with a great gift:
spreading joy through a few notes from her accordion. When
she hears about Mee, who was born at the same day and the same time she was, she surely knows that they belong together, each of them helping others through their music. She starts to find him to meet in someday. They finally meet each other on the way to the
king's castle to sing for the beautiful Princess Esperanza. I really recommend this book because you can see the pure love between Mee and Mitou. It made me to be really concentrated while I am reading this book. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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