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Livia's Fourth Grade Memories

No description

Mike Graham

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of Livia's Fourth Grade Memories

Livia's Fourth Grade Memories
When we had Quincey's Oreo cupcakes and Ava got the cupcake all over her face on purpose.
College Game
When me, Gracie, Olivia, and Caitlin played college and started our furture lifes early.
The Bug accident
When Ava saw a bug fall from the ceiling and she jumped on her chair and started to scream. She pointed at it and Mr. Graham asked what she was screaming at and she just kept screaming and pointing and Michael came over and smashed the bug and Ava stopped screaming. Mr. Graham didn't believe that it was a bug he said it was a leaf, but ava kept saying it
Caitlin's flip bar accident
When Caitlin did the flip bar and was on top of it and almost fell off and broke her neck
Quincey's oreo cupcakes
a picture of a oreo cupcake
Maddox's vampire weenies and Ninja Weenies.
When Maddox drew pictures of vampire weenies and ninja weenies. Then he drew them fighting.
Polly's Funeral
When Polly died and Ava had a funeral and faked cried
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