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Julie's Residence

No description

Julieanna Keller

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Julie's Residence

Dreamers Paradise

Purple represents royalty. In Native-American culture, purple means death, and it also means pain or bruising. Purple to me is strength, this ties in with the royalty meaning because I don't let people bring me down.
Red represents emotion, danger and daring. In China red means joy, and in the U.S. it means Love. This color shows my personality by the strong emotions I have towards things, and I like to go on adventures.
Green represents hope, immaturity, and inexperience. In ancient Egypt green means rebirth. Green goes with my personality because I am immature at times. I am growing, experiencing new things, and I have hope to do great things with my life.
Blue represents calm, peaceful. In the U.S. and Europe blue means faithfulness, and confidence. This color ties in with my personality because I don't like drama. Also, I am confident with myself, and I am faithful to my friends.
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