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What is the Messianic Secret?

No description

Patrick Stefan

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of What is the Messianic Secret?

What is the Messianic Secret?
William Wrede
The Substance of the Question
Summarize the history of the debate. How did it start? Who instigated the debate? What was the initial question? Did the question evolve?
What are some of the answers to the question?
How do people ignore the question?
What are the presuppositions behind the answers that people provide?

How I Resolve the Question
Albert Schweitzer
The Main Cast
Gospel of Mark
The Biblical Evidence
List out some of the major biblical evidence for the question.
Show how it can be interpreted in different ways.
Show how the evidence fits within the narrative dimensions of the provided gospel.
Are there socio-historical factors to consider?
Are there political factors to consider?
How does this fit within the Kingdom of God?

Why This Matters to God's People
Point One
Point Two
Point Three
Some Guidelines
Audio is a requirement
Provide an outline
Pictures are always helpful
15 minute minimum
One page, double spaced response
Choose a question that interests you
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