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Angels & Demons

No description

Keith Aherne

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Angels & Demons

Title Dan Brown Pocket Books 2000 Synopsis Angels & Demons brings an ancient secret organisation, The Illuminati and the Vatican, together in a present-day battle over a long forgotten punishment on scientists by the Catholic church in 1668 called La Purga.

Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon must join forces with scientist Vittoria Vetra, in a frantic race to save the Vatican from a modern discovery called Antimatter which becomes as volatile as a nuclear bomb if it comes in contact with matter.

It was stolen from CERN in Switzerland and is stored in a canister which is powered by an ever depleting battery. The Illuminati have placed it somewhere within the walls of Vatican city being monitored by a wireless security camera.

This threatens to destroy the Vatican and the cardinals who have gathered within the Sistine Chapel for conclave. Their journey takes them across Rome and into cathedrals, secret vatican archives and the Illuminati lair following ancient illuminati clues called ‘The Path of Enlightenment’.

Along the way, they uncover many secrets, including who is responsible for the threat to the Vatican, the Camerlengo and the former Pope's closest aide, exposing his fraudulent use of Illuminati legend and murder of the four Preferiti in his hopes that by threatening to destroy the Catholic church, he would become it's saviour Devotion Opposites Location Time Robert Langdon : Symbologist at Harvard and the main protagonist in the novel, using his knowledge of illuminati legend to solve clues in a race to save Vatican city. Vittoria Vetra : The adopted daughter of Leonardo and also works in CERN focusing on biology and physics working on the Antimatter project with her father. Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca : The papal chamberlain, who murdered the pope who, in turn is revealed to be Carlo's biological father. His codename for dealing with Hassassain is 'Janus'. Hassassain : Hired by 'Janus' and displays his sadistic lust for women throughout the novel. He murders Leonardo Vetra, the Preferiti and commander Olivetti. Commander Olivetti : The comandant of The Swiss Guard. He is very sceptical of the claims of Langdon and Vittoria. He desperatly searches for the antimatter in the Vatican. Captain Rocher : The second in command, he is contacted by Max Kohler telling his knowledge of events and is killed by one of his guards who is under the impression he il Illuminatus. Maximilian Kohler : The director of CERN he contacts Langdon to help find the killer of his good friend Leonardo Vetra. He blames the church for his paralysis due to his highly religious parents denying him medical care as a child. The Preferiti : These are the four cardinals that are favourites to succeed the late pope. Kidnapped by Hassassain they are all murdered and branded with an ambigram of the element which was the tool of their demise. Theme Typography Characters Contextual The Way Through Doors Helen Yentus How to be Inapproppriate Daniel Nester Mood ...........APPLAUSE!!
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