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The Link between exercise, diet, work and rest

GCSE PE (Edexcel) lesson on Topic 1.1.5: Your personal health and wellbeing

Mr Kerr

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of The Link between exercise, diet, work and rest

The factors of a balanced diet The Link between exercise, diet, work and rest Macro nutrients Micro nutrients Carbohydrates Protein Fat Calcium Iron Vitamins Minerals Sodium Potassium A B1 C D E Water Fibre 7 Can Purple Fish Mark Very Fat Whales How to remember Poor diet Obese Taking in more calories than is burning off Too much fat in diet Not enough exercise Each has an equal part to play in ensuring happiness and wellbeing Exercise, diet, work and rest Work provides finance, motivation and opportunity Exercise provides the fitness necessary to work and enjoy life Adequate rest maintains a balance between work and exercise A balanced diet provides all the essential nutrients for health, fitness, strength and wellbeing TOPIC 1.1.5: Your personal health and wellbeing Fat Men Can't Play Football Very Well How to remember Explaining a balanced diet A balance diet means eating the right foods, in the right amounts. This will enable us to work and exercise properly If we don't eat a variety of foods in the correct proportions, we will not get all of the nutrients we need Diet is what we eat on a day-to-day basis should not be confused with 'being on a diet' The 'eat well' plate shows how we need to make up our diet from different types of food to get the correct balance Contained in bread, pasta, potatoes and rice Should be eaten in greater quantities than the other macronutrients provide us with energy for use in aerobic and anaerobic activity Contained in butter, oil, fatty meats and fried food Should form the smallest percentage of macronutrients in diet Provide us with energy but should be eaten in moderation Contained in cheese, milk, eggs, lean meat, fish Used for growth and repair of the muscles may be used by performers such as sprinters, to aid muscle growth (hypertrophy)
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