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The Ghost of the Lagoon 5 Stages of Plot

No description

Isabelle Alyse Perez

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of The Ghost of the Lagoon 5 Stages of Plot

The Ghost of the Lagoon 5 Stages of Plot Rising Action Exposition Setting:The story of Ghost of the Lagoon takes place in the small island of Bora Bora in the south pacific. Characters: The main character is Mako an island boy born on the edge of the sea with his crafty and claver hands. He has made a harpoon and canoe. The supporting characters are Mako's Mother and Grandfather. The minor character is Afa Mako's very best companion. Introduction Problem: Tupa, Ghost of the Lagoon, he kills people, and rips their fishing nets apart. 1) Grandfather started telling a story about Tupa, how he killed three fisherman. His father was one of them and Mako wanted to avenge his Father's death. 2) After a restless night Mako went for a swim, had breakfast, and his Mother asked him to go to a small island on the outer reef half a mile from shore to get bananas. 3) While Mako and Afa were on the the small island on the outer reef for bananas and got three bunches. He thought there was plenty of time to weave a basket and get oranges. But it started to get dark! When Mako and Afa headed to home on the canoe he encountered Tupa, Ghost of the Lagoon. Tupa was a shark! Mako stood up and readies his spear as Tupa circles around the canoe.He throws the spear into the eye of the shark.The canoe started to rock from the splashing and wiggling from Tupa.The canoe starts to flip but Mako runs to the other side to balance it. But Afa is not in the canoe he's swimming to shore. Mako calls Afa back Tupa notices the dog and chasing after him. When Tupa gets close to Afa he shots the spear again into the other eye.He flips over on one side. Was he dead! 1) Mako noticed a faint motion in the shark's tale. He paddle close to the body and striked the beast in to the shoulder. Tupa was dead! 2) He tired a rope around Tupa's tale and started to paddle to shore. People on shore started to shout out, "Tupa is DEAD!" 3) When Mako got home he laid on the pandanus mat and thought of King's reward,"30 acres of coconut land and a fine sailing canoe. Also the feast will be tomorrow in is honor for killing Tupa. But Grandfather singing a new melody that was different from the others. Mako saved future victims of killings. Mako had avenged his fathers death in a unexpected moment that he almost lost his dog Afa. The King's reward gives his family "30 acres of coconut land and a fine sailing canoe" with a feast in his honor. The killing of Tupa helps because many future fisherman and swimmers won't be victims of attacks form Tupa. Thank you for watching my Prezi on, "Ghost of the Lagoon."

By: Isabelle Alyse Perez Climax Definition: Explaining who the characters, setting, and intro. problem is. Definition: Shows how the conflict becomes difficult. Definition: The turning point. Definition:Show how the main character starts to resovle the conflict. Definition: Reveals how everything turns out. Resolution Falling Action
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