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Assignment - Cultural Care - 4th July

No description

Borja Covo

on 16 July 2015

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Transcript of Assignment - Cultural Care - 4th July

with US!
Landing page
Create text copy for a marketing campaign to different target groups on 3 different online marketing channels.
Generate new leads and drive existing leads to take the next step in the application process.
Independence Day - 4th of July
Borja Covo Grandes
4th of July
1st Target Group:
- Group of girls around 18-21 years old that have finished or are about to complete secondary school.
- They want to travel, an adventure, a year abroad would be fantastic to study something and meet new people.
- They love children and have some experience taking care of them.
- They have good command of English, USA is on their list, they watch TV shows and movies from USA, and would like to experience the American way of life.
- They are digitally savvy and use social media. They play, tweet, share and follow brands they like.

2nd Target Group:
- Group of girls around 20-26 years old.
- They are studying a degree, or have recently finished one.
- Love kids and some of them have been taking care of children during her studies.
- They would like an experience abroad, want to improve their English and would like to have the opportunity to continue their studies.
- They use Google to search for information. Most of them don't know Cultural Care of EF and being an Au Pair is something that they are open to consider.
3rd Target Group:
- Girls that already know EF and Cultural Care.
- We have their contact details on the database as they have asked for information before on the web or via other channels.
- Some of them have doubts about going abroad, they are not very sure.
- Others just didn't find the time and a reminder could reactivate their interest.

PPC & Landing Page
Facebook Competition:
- Use brand social media channels and Facebooks Ads.
- Facebook Ads allow us to target effectively this group, digital savvy, between 18-21 years old, in specific locations, with an specific language, that have finished or are about to complete secondary school and have interest in travel, study abroad, teaching and USA, etc.

- We will create a competition asking questions about USA (culture, movies, history, shows, fashion..) and giving different options to answer (some of them funny). Creative needs to be attractive and users will need to provide their personal details in order to participate in the competition and win a prize (ie. iPad).

- Participants will be encouraged to share the competition with friends.
Facebook Ads

Email Marketing
Celebrate with US!
The 4th of July, USA Independence Day, is coming soon and at Cultural Care Au Pair we want to celebrate it with you! Don’t miss the chance to save £150 on the program fee.

Do you always wanted to travel to USA and didn’t know where to start? Do you enjoy working with children and would like to have an amazing experience living abroad? If the answer is YES, then this is your opportunity!

As an Au Pair you will be working with an American Host Family and will have the opportunity to study and have a truly international experience. Don’t miss the chance to work, study and travel in the USA and take advantage of this fantastic occasion.

The 4th of July is one of the biggest days of the year in USA. They have fireworks, parades, barbecues and most importantly, it is a family celebration. You can enjoy this and other great events if you become an Au Pair in USA. At Cultural Care Au Pair we will find the right host family for you and will provide you with the best training and support.

Celebrate with US and Save!

ou can save £150 on the program fee if you apply now.
Request a free brochure or sign up for an information meeting to start.

It is easy and we are here to help:
- Attend one of our infomeetings before 4th July.
- Finish your application no later than 3 weeks after the meeting.
- Travel before the end of October.

PPC Adwords
Become an Au Pair in USA - culturalcare.co.uk‎
Celebrate with US. You can save £150 if you apply today!
Work & Study in USA - culturalcare.co.uk‎
Celebrate with US and save. Order your free brochure now!
Work & Study in USA - culturalcare.co.uk
Become an Au pair. Get a free brochure today!
Dear Maria,

You recently requested a brochure of our Au Pair program. We wanted to drop you a line to see if everything is fine or if you have any questions about the program and the experience of being an Au Pair in USA.

Remember that there is an information meeting coming near you. At this meeting you will be able to meet girls that have worked as Au Pair in USA, and they will be happy to answer all your questions. Being an Au Pair is a great opportunity to work in US, combine it with your studies and make new friends!



Celebrate with US!
We are also celebrating the upcoming 4th of July in USA. Celebrate with US and Save £150 on the program fees if you apply before this date.
Learn more.


If you have changed your mind and are no longer interested in the program we just want to wish you a great Summer! We will always be here to help if you want to travel to USA in the future.

Kind Regards,

Cultural Care Au Pair TEAM

Want to be an Au Pair in USA?
Enter our competition for your chance to win!

Why Facebook?
- Facebook ads will help to target this specific group and will generate awareness about the program.

- It will increase page likes.

- It will allow to collect data.

- It will generate leads to the site from users interested in the program.

Why PPC?
-This group searches on Google for things like "work in USA", "study in USA", "study and work in NY", etc.
- PPC Adwords will generate leads to the site.
- A specific promotion will help to drive visits to the website.
- Creating a specific landing page with relevant content will make the Adwords campaign more effective, helping to convert, and will contribute to improve SEO.
Why email?
- We already have the contact details on the database.

- Sending an email to this
group allows us to reengage this audience and drive new leads using a personal approach and a promotion.

- Some times people just need an incentive or just a reminder.
Celebrate with US!
Become an Au Pair and Travel to USA!
How much do you now about USA? Enter NOW to win an iPad!

Work and Travel in USA?
You can now become an Au Pair. Prove your knowledge about US and Win!
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