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Prezi in Canada

Prezi template designed by Prezi Expert Vizual Wizard

Drew Banks

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of Prezi in Canada

Click below to view UBC's "Study in Canada" prezi
University of British Columbia
Sally Caudill,
Manager of Communications

Amy Chung,
MBA Student, Rotman School of Management

Amy won Prezi 2013 global "Canvas my Campus" contest
Louise Julie Bertrand,
Chef, développement et réalisation

Centre de sciences Montréal
Redline Interactive
Prezi has proven to be an excellent vehicle for story-telling and for getting staff to re-think how they present their information.

The result is more interesting, engaging, and down-right fun presentations, for both our staff and for their audiences.

Fernando Carou, Senior Engineer,
Community Energy Planning & New District Energy Systems

City of Toronto - Energy Efficiency Office
Cliquez ci-dessous pour voir la "Musik: du son à l’émotion" de la Mme. Bertrand
Steve Taylor,
Communications Specialist
We've used Prezi for two recruiting cycles now and it's been a helpful tool for communicating effectively with prospective students.

Our recruiters particularly like Prezi's flexibility with its online, offline, and mobile apps. They are often on the road with their iPads or laptop PC, sometimes without Internet, customizing their presentation right up to the time they arrive at their destination.


Click below to view Canmore's "Elevation Place launch" prezi
Prezi Experts are independent Prezi design and training companies that can help you get started with Prezi
(Canadian Prezi Expert)
Click below to view Big Rock's "The Gathering" prezi

Click below to view Amy's winning "We Love U of T" prezi
Click below to view Fernando's "Community Energy Planning" prezi
In my job as an engineer for the city’s green energy programs, technology innovation is everything. We therefore look for innovative technology to demonstrate our own innovation.

Prezi’s game-changing platform enables us to deliver dynamic and immersive presentation experiences, and its intuitive layout helps the audience gain a greater understanding of broad concepts while allowing the presenter to take the audience on a journey of exploration.

Colleen Henderson,
Creative Director
Perfect Pitch Consulting
Be a great presenter.
University of Toronto
Prezi is a great tool to tell a powerful story in a captivating way.

Click below to view University of Toronto's press release
When we first saw Prezi in 2009, we thought, "Whoah, where have you been all our lives?"

For almost ten years we have taught a storytelling approach to presentation development, design, and delivery. Finally, here was a product that took a clear and complete departure from the linear PowerPoint format. A product that fit the storytelling approach beautifully.

Thank you Prezi!
Abigail White,
Managing Director
J’utilise Prezi pour faire la promotion des expositions produites par le Centre des sciences de Montréal disponibles pour location par d’autres musées. J’ai choisi cet outil parce qu’il est dynamique et novateur, à l’image de nos expositions. Il rend mes présentations plus vivantes.

Par ailleurs, je ne transporte plus de dépliants avec moi lors de congrès; je n’ai besoin que de ma carte d’affaires portant l’adresse de mes prezis.
Parkland Fuel Corporation
Tom McMillan
Director, Marketing & Communications
In 2012, our executive team used Prezi to deliver a knockout investor presentation to launch our five year strategic plan.

Prezi’s effectiveness at capturing the attention of our shareholder base, coupled with our successful execution of our strategy, has helped our share price to increase from $13.69 on May 15, 2012 to $21.31 as of March 28, 2014, a 56% increase in less than two years.

François Gagnon
TVA Argent,
«On s'investit», 8 avril 2014

Présentateur et chef d’antenne
Nos documentations, les présentations que l'on peut faire, sont stockées ailleurs que sur notre disque dur, tu oublies ton ordi, il n'y a pas de problèmes, tu te sers d'un autre ordi puis tu as pas perdu ta présentation pour autant.

Et même, tu peux faire les corrections nécessaires à la dernière minute, si on en a besoin.

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