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David Mozombite

on 19 November 2016

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The process of industrialization is a major chapter of the worlds history. It marked a change in the world's ability to produce and would change many more things connected to the future of the world.
Before industrialization, armaments and warfare had reached stagnation. But an increase in necessity for weaponry in to protect colonies, factories and industrialization aided in creating an uptick in innovations in the creation of arms through the use of things such as replaceable parts in arms. This aided in countries to protect their lands much more effectively.
One of the most obvious things that was able to be increased through the use of the industrialization was the increase of the economies of the countries involved in the process. For instance, in Britain wages increased by 50% in some places with their cotton industry surging ahead and giving Britain a major lead in the industrialized era.
The Cons of Industrialization.
Although Industrialization helped a lot of the world, it still hurt much of the world in many ways.

Overall health is damaged
The effect of the industrial revolution on technology caused one of the quickest upgrades and advancement in history up to that point. In factories- the upgrades included the advancement of various tools such as the water horse which allowed for the increased production of yarn. But past that, various technologies were also created that allowed for faster ships, a high standard of living, and the furthering of military technologies.
The Birthing of Commercialism
During this time- the emphasis of maximizing profit was becoming something of major importance and was important to the advancement of Industrialism. No matter what opinion is had on the actual effect of Commercialism- it did created a system in which countries worked to maximize their possible profits in and in an ever increasing interconnectedness.

The Pros of Industrialization
The process of Industrialization helped to create a revolution in the process of many parts of life.
The Growth of Globalism
Globalism is an important part of the growth of the world. No matter one's stance on the current effect on the modern world, Globalism helped create today's modern world and is important to the growth of history. Through Globalism the world was able to become interconnected and lead to a growth in the economy in the world by opening up markets to foreign investors throughout the world.
hard labour positions with horrible working conditions had become commonplace, working harder under bad condition, even when ill, being caught by uncovered machinery, these injuries were very serious and often fatal.
Poor working conditions
industrialization's tendency to spread the promise of a comfortable life, it attracts immigrants who flood into cities at an alarmingly high rate, and the overcrowding is so dense it ends up creating slum areas
People shift to living in tight, cramped spaces, and the shift in lifestyles saw a rise in diseases such as diabetes and cancer, even heart disease. The overcrowding contributed to the spread and development of disease, and even working conditions had lead to stress induced disease
The beginning of pollution
Beforehand, the air and water hadn't been subject to the copious amounts of pollution that the industrial revolution has brought, and the following centuries, all starting with smokestacks

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