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Computer Units

No description

chris roosemalen

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Computer Units

Computer System Units Power Supply

-Gives power to your computer form the wall
-Converts high volts form the wall outlet to the voltages required to operate the computer circuitry.
-FranMar International Inc. is one of the main company that build power supplys for computer.


- Stands for Central Processing Unit
- Carries out the instruction of a computer program
- is the primary element carrying out the computer's functions Computer Fan

- Use for a cooling system in your computer
-Brings in cooler air form out side into the tower.
- Moves warm air across a heatstick to cool a particular component Heat Sink

- A device that is used
to keep units cool
-Active- Utilized power usally a fan.
-Passive- made from aluminum-finned radiator that dissipates heat through convection.

Video Card

- Expansion card that allows
computers to send graphical information to a video display device such as a monitor.
- Popular video card manufacturers are NVIDIA corporation ATI Tchnologies and Matrox Modem

- Device that enables a computers to transmit date over telephone
- Carriesal to encode digital information. Sound Card
- Sound card was created in 1980.
- Produce 3d audio for games or surround sound, playback for DVDs.
-Also record sounds from external sources Ribbon Cable

-Flat, thin cable containing many poarallel wires.
-use for connecting disk, drives, disk drive controllers MotherBoard

- Contains CPU, BIOS Memory, Mass Storage, Interface, Serial, Parallel ports, and Expansion slots.
- Controls computer components such as the display screen, keyboard mouse and disk drive. CD-Rom Or DVD Drive
Hard Drive

-they hold all your information
--store changing digital information in a relatively permanent form.
-computers ability to remember things when the power goes out.
Floppy Drive

-Was use before the cd drive came out
-Use to put data one the computer
Zip Drive

-A small portable disk used primarily
for backing up and archiving personal
computer files.
-There are two types of zip drives: 100 Megabyte
and 250 Megabyte Ram

-Random Access Memory
-DRAm Dynamic Random Access Memory
-SRAM Static Random Acsess Memory
-SRAM is more faster then DRAM wich has to refresh thousand times per second.
- . That is the end of my presentation
are there any question What is a computer system unit Computer Case Did you know
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