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The Christmas Tree

No description

Ronald Johnson

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of The Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree history CHRISTMAS TREE: Many pagan cultures worshipped evergreens, saw them as symbols of immortality, and used them to ward off evil spirits. In the early 700’s, Saint Boniface, who converted the German people to Christianity, demolished the Oak of Thor, the mighty sacred tree worshipped by the Saxons. From its roots grew a fir tree which Boniface took as a sign of the Christian faith. In the 11th century, Paradise plays portrayed the tree of Paradise, decorated with red apples. During the 15th century, the faithful began to erect trees in their homes on December 24, the feast day of Adam and Eve. About the year 1500, Martin Luther, inspired by a snow covered fir tree, brought a small tree indoors and decorated it with candles in honor of Christ’s birth. By the 18th century, the custom of decorating a Christmas tree was well established in France, Germany, and Austria. Thus, the Christmas tree represents the original Tree of Paradise, the burning bush which spoke to Moses, the branch of Jesse from which Jesus was born, the life-giving tree of the cross of Christ, and the tree which St. John the Apostle saw in the Book of Revelations whose leaves have medicine for the people and which yields fruit each month for the healing of the nations. . Meaning This Christmas every time you see a Christmas tree I pray that you wiill not just see a tree decorated with ornaments but will see all the symbols it represents:
The evergreen became the symbol of the eternal life offered by Jesus.
The lights on the tree are reminiscent of God's light and life's spirit.
The star at the top quietly retells the story of the star of Bethlehem.
When you look at the decorations think of:
Red ornaments or ribbon: Jesus' sacrifice
Bells: ringing out of glad tidings (the "good news")
Bows: the ties that bind people together
Candy cane: shepherd's crook (to gather the lost lambs)
Wreaths: eternal love You and Me? Thus, the Christmas tree represents hope. It's needles and narrow crest point upward,turning our thoughts to Heaven. Because the tree is cut down and then erected again, it is a symbol of Christ's resurrection.Lord, may I see Christmas trees as a sign of hope and as reminders of the many trees that figure in salvation history. I thank you,Lord,for turning the tree of Adam and Eve's sin into the tree of life through the cross of Christ.because of the tree on which Christ died, You have given us the promise of eternal life.
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