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Dota 2 Presentation

ADMC Presentation

Polo Lol

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Dota 2 Presentation

What is

Dota is a special mod based on Blizzard Entertainment's famous game Warcraft III.

Dota consists of session-based online multiplayer activity, with the primary objective of each match being for teams to destroy their opposing team's fortified stronghold.

Each player controls a character called a "hero", who is given the responsibility of participating in team combat, which generally takes place along a series of lanes that connect their opposing bases, lined with defensive towers.
Amount of People that play DOTA 2
Million (people)
1. Fun
2. Teamwork
3. Leadership
4. Responsibiltiy
5. Patience
6. Quick-reaction
7. Communication
What we get from DotA?
DotA is a game,
but it's more than a game!
1.4 million dollars!!!!!
110 heros
With more than four hundred skills
Different kinds
Different duties(positions)
1. Carry
2. Semicarry
3. Ganker Semicarry
4. Ganker Support
5. Full support
How it starts?
A map editor was included in Warcraft III.
A mapmaker called Eul created the initial version of DotA.
After the release of Frozen Throne, Eul stopped updating the map, other makers developed variations of Dota.
Among the variants, DotA allstar developed by Steve Feak stood out, which become today's DotA.
In 2004, an official community site was founded by Steve "Pendragon" Mescon.
the Radiant
Brief Introduction to the Game
the Dire
Towards the end of his association with the map, Feak handed over control to another developer ,Icefrog.
Now Icefrog is still updating the map according to tens of millions players' feedback.
Why DotA?
More than 120 items
Different choice, different ends.
Tactics! and Luck!
More than 1000 mature tactics
Numberless unknown tactics
Sometimes it's luck that counts
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