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Roman Overpopulation

No description

Ellie McClean

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of Roman Overpopulation

Rome Population: Then and Now Overpopulation was a big problem in Rome Many People believe overpopulation was a part of Rome's downfall Augustus Caeser declared that in his empire there was 45 million people. Of this 45 million people, Augustus declared within in his own census information that:
* In 28 BC the citizen population was 4,063,000 (including both men and women)
* In 8 BC - 4,233,000
* In AD 14 - 4,937,000 Problems with overpopulation in ancient Rome included dealing with pollution and waste, unemployment, plagues, lack of police force, inflation, starvation, welfare, and lack of taxes. There were plagues in the 60 and 70 A.D that caused the Roman empire to fall to a population of 40 million. It was believed that there was 2 to 10 million slaves in the Roman empire At the height of Roman power in the mid 2nd century AD, many people think that the Empire was comprised of some 65 million people. Just like modern day, part of overpopulation was people flocking to big towns and cities. Overpopulation in Rome
by: Ellie McClean Ways People can prevent overpopulation include:
family planning
tax breaks
health care
we should encourage people to keep small pets instead of children
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