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Final Story Project

No description

Carlos Urena

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Final Story Project

By:Carlos Urena
New Student Experience Profesor Lorie Bellot

Valencia Community College
The major I pursued in Valencia was Finance. During my study at Valencia, I had to take a course that I wasn't so proud of taking. The course was called "New Student Experience". Didn't know what to expect from this course, but the class turned out to be very beneficial. It taught me how to completely map out my classes and how to spend and save wisely. With the help of this class I graduated Valencia with an A.A. degree in Finance.
My name is Carlos Urena
Graduated from West Orange High school in 2014
After graduating from high school, I went on to college at Valencia.
My purpose is to, in any shape or forms, is to give back to the community. I knew I wanted to be a contributing hand to something, when I started working for the YMCA. The YMCA helped me as a person to realize that giving back to the community isn't about handing out riches its about making our community stronger and to reveal to them their own riches.
"We make a living by what we get, but
we make life by what we give" - Winston Churchill
Competition-strive to win 1st place
Harmony-Don't enjoy conflicts;rather, seek an agreement
Arranger-can organize, so my day can be well productive and run smoothly as plan
Relater- able to work with others to achieve a goal
Learner- always looking to improve in the world
Educational PathWay
After graduating from Valencia with a A.A. in finance, I enrolled into NYU Stern school of business and got accepted. I ended up moving in with my Aunt to save money and in the summer I was able to take my Real Estate class and get a job as a Real Estate Agent to help pay for any incoming debts, during my study at NYU.
In May of 2018, I was able to walk with my B.A. in Finance from NYU Stern School of Business and then re-applied to get my Masters.
Present Day/ Entrepreneur
After Graduating from NYU Stern School of Business, I moved back to my hometown Windermere and started working as a commercial real estate agent.
I am currently trying to open up my very own nonprofit indoor and outdoor sports complex in Winter Garden, Florida and to make it accessible to all people. The point of this it to teach families and individuals the ability to focus on youth development, healthy living, social responsibility and to bring the people together as a community.
My Pathway to Success
Toms/Start something that matters
The story of TOMS is very inspirational. Starting with very little money but a lot of dedication and vision.He had this idea of helping these children by donating a pair of shoes in the correct size for every shoe purchased. This is a great way to help others in need and also to "start something that matters".
5 years later I had an opportunity to hook my self up and lease a space in a new shopping plaza in windermere and invested in the Panera Franchise family
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