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Artificial Intelligence presentation - Business Communication Skills

No description

Tiago Mergen

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Artificial Intelligence presentation - Business Communication Skills

What is Artificial Intelligence?
What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
Artificial Neural Networks
Future of AI
We Human build a Future from Images of Our Minds.
Make Your Own Conclusion!
Doom of Mechanization
Loosing control over our own creations
Close the doors of a cage we made for ourselves
Robots help human to build a cities of the future
Adjust a balance between Nature and Humanity
Remove limits from exploring vast Universe
Short history of Artificial Intelligence
1987 AI becomes a science
AI Robots
Autonomus driving
Aplications of Artificial Intelligence
AI has Potential in
wide area of fields like:
Robots Fixing Human Body
Complex Operations
Accurate Diagnoses
Take Care of Patients
Artificial "Smart" Limbs
24/7 Availability
Your Personal Companion
Makes Life Easier
Digital Utilities
And maybe even a Friend

Robotics and Programming
Move to P1 (a general safe position)
Move to P2 (an approach to P3)
Move to P3 (a position to pick the object)
Close gripper
Move to P4 (an approach to P5)
Move to P5 (a position to place the object)
Open gripper
Move to P1 and finish
Facebook facial recognition
"It is the science and engineering
of making intelligent machines,
especially intelligent computer
Industry and Building
Extreme Robotics (Military, Space Exploration, Underwater Missions)

- 1950 Claude Shannon - published a paper
"Programming a Computer for Playing Chess"
Claude Shannon and chess champion Edward Lasker at MIT, ponder the computational aspects of playing chess at Shannon's early relay-based
chess machine
1968 – David Levy makes a bet with AI researchers that no computer program would win a chess match against him within 10 years.
Richard Lang created the ChessGenius program running in a pentium 166
Tiago Mergen
Eduards Vagals

-2004 First autonomus car to finish "The grand challenge 350 km in the desert. (Create by Standford group)

-It took 6 hours and 54 min, average speed of 54 km/h

- recognition of pixels
- Facebook invests in AI researchs
AI Movies
- I robot (2004)
- A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)
- The terminator(1984)
Bright Future of Robotics
- Use Artificial neural networks
- Inspired by biological neural networks approximate functions that can depend on a large number of inputs
- Machine learning
Thank You for your
Best of luck in your exams!
Tiago and Eddy.
- founded the first jor International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence
- articles on image and language processing, robotics and neural networks.
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