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Ray Bradbury

A wonderful presentation on the short story author Ray Bradbury.

paige wilkins

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury Background: focused on political and social aspects of the world
American fantasy and horror writer
loved magicians, reading, adventure & fantasy fiction
always hoped his writing would live on after death
as a child: spent most of his time
in the library reading sci-fi,
poetry and literature
(influenced his writing)
post modernist Post Modernism literary movement from WWII-present day
many authors, including Bradbury, wrote of...
a sense of impending doom
a pressure to change
a redefinition of family
an emphasis on appearances
a focus on how social and personal experiences come together to form identity
Bradbury wrote of all of these in his short stories and was greatly influenced by the
Post-Modernist writing style All Summer In A Day The Veldt The Last Night of the World when: 1950s', night of world's end
where: unknown
POV: 3rd person
husband and wife
two children
tells of how a man and wife spend their last night together
theme: acceptance of death
review: I enjoyed reading this short story because...
it was intriguing and kept me interested until the end
the idea and concept was very original
however, I wish the author provided more characterization and plot details
-political aspects: atomic bomb/war/nuclear
war Comparisons Citations The Pedestrian Similar moods:
dark, mysterious, twisted
most have cliff-hangers
All have to do with
social aspects
political aspects --Charmy "From WWII to the Present." The Postmodern Era:. 18 Dec. 2012 <http://people.morrisville.edu/~pisiakr/English204/Postmodern_Era.htm>.

"Ray Bradbury." Ray Bradbury. 18 Dec. 2012 <http://www.raybradbury.com/>.

"Authors Similar to Ray." Authors. 18 Dec. 2012

"Ray Bradbury Biography." Bio.com. A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 18 Dec. 2012
<http://www.biography.com/people/ray-bradbury-9223240?page=1> Plot: A story about a the family who is
effected by modern technology
Setting: A high-tech house (Kids Nursery)
Time: Unknown (details suggest in the future)
George Hadley- father who is concerned about kids
Lydia Hadley- mother who is concerned about kids
Wendy Hadley- child of Mr. and Mrs. Hadley
Peter Hadley- child of Mr. and Mrs. Hadley
David McClean- psychologist friend of George
Theme: The effects of technology on the family and how this can create a false comfort Summary: George and Lydia Hadley start to express concerns for
their chidren when Lydia notices the high-tech nursery
shows an unwelcoming scene of a African Veldt (Plain).
In the background their are always lions eating a
"mysterious" meat. The sun in the nursery is just a little
too hot and the scene just a little too real. George and Lydia after consultation with a physiologist decided to close off the nursery for a while and revert back to their life when it wasn't dominantly ruled by technology. The Hadleys allow their children into the nursery one more time before the whole house is shut down. The children view their nursery as there parents because of the comfort it brings them, so they sabotage their parents so they can remain in their technology filled world. Connections all of our stories had characters that felt a change or something bad was going to happen
All Summer In a Day: the main character was being teased and this gives the reader a sense that something will happen to her
The Veldt: George and Lydia Hadley let their children go back to the nursery one more time before it shuts down. The children lock their parents in and the parents turn around to come face-to-face with lions.
The Last Night of the World: everybody had a dream that told them the world was going to end, and the husband sensed it also.
The Pedestrian: while the man was walking, he noticed strange objects such as shadows and a car and felt that something was wrong.
All of the Short Stories are all connected in the fact that they were all in the sci-fi category. (On Venus, in the future, etc.)
This is one of many connections to post- modernism Plot: School children lock a bullied alien from Earth in a closet, making it so she won't be able to see the sun. Setting: Venus
Time: Unknown (details suggest in the future).
Characters: *only protagonist is in the story*
Margot- school girl who was born on Earth; moved to Venus; bullied and locked in the closet while the sun is out.
Classroom children (no names specified)-bully Margot & lock her in the closet
Theme: Happiness can bring the selfishness out in people.
Sun-represents the happiness and warmth of people
Closet-represents the selfishness of people and how happiness can easily transform into an act of selfishness. setting: America in 2053
on a sidewalk at night
characters: Mr. Leonard Mead
and a talking police car
plot: Most people are so engrossed in technology that they stay inside and watch TV all day. Leonard Mead is on his nightly
walk when he is interrogated by a talking
cop car. He is arrested & taken to an
asylum because it is considered such
strange behavior to be simply walking outside for pleasure
Bradbury is warning the future generations of the dangers of becoming too connected to technology
-political aspects: "arrested" by a
I liked this story
I think it's something that America today can actually relate to because of all of the electronics & technology we use You could also read... H.G. Well's stories
Robert Louis Stevenson's stories

Both those authors have
similar writing styles
to Ray Bradbury August 1920-June 2012 By: Shealey Imgarten,
Makenna Higgins,
Charmy Patel & Paige Wilkins Fin --Shealey --Paige --Makenna -social aspects: bullying -social aspects: disagreement with parents About Ray Bradbury grew up in Waukegan, Illinois
incorporated childhood memories into later novels/short stories
decided to become a writer at around the age of 12-13
when he was a teenager: moved with his family to California
couldn't afford college tuition (Great Depression) so spent time in library
created his own magazine to write short stories (using fake names as the authors)
later married Maggie McClure
had 4 daughters
wrote until he was 90 and died at the age of 91
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