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Mesa Verde National Park

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on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park
Argo Gold Mine&Mill
Mesa Verde is located in south western Colorado in a cliff wall. Also, it has 600 foot dwellings by the Ancestral pueblo. next, the spanish/ Indians was involved with the building of Mesa Verde.
Argo gold mine and mill is located in Riverside Dr,Idaho Springs Colorado. Miners where involved in Argo gold mine and mill.
The geography of Mesa Verde National Park
Mesa Verde geography is very nice because mesa Verde has been around for 700 years and is near the four corners.Also, Mesa Verde has sharp rocks and sick rocks so be careful when you go to Mesa Verde.
Argo gold mine and mill geography is important to Argo gold mine and mill so lets get started Argo gold mine and mill is 123 years old and it is very close to Rosa Gulch.
An impact of mesa Verde
the impact of mesa Verde is some what interesting half a million people have came to Mesa Verde also $47.00 million.
The impact of Argo Gold Mine and Mill is important, on $million seven hundred thousand and $18.00 to $35.00 per once of gold.
The similar and different

one different to Argo gold mine and mill and Mesa Verde is that one of the land marks is 123 years old and the other one is 700 years old.

one similar is that they share is that they are 502 miles.
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