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The Technical and Operational Performance Support Program

No description

Rachel Elrom

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of The Technical and Operational Performance Support Program

The TOPS Program
What is T PS?
The Technical and Operational Performance Support Program
Our Mission
The TOPS Program is the USAID/Food for Peace-funded learning initiative, bringing the highest quality information, knowledge, and promising practices in food assistance programming to implementers and donors around the world to ensure more communities and households benefit from the U.S. Government’s investments to fight global hunger.
Who is TOPS?
The TOPS Consortium
Save the Children
CORE Group
Food for the Hungry
Mercy Corps
TANGO International
Save the Children
Program Management and Direction
Nutrition and Food Technology
Commodity Management
CORE Group
Knowledge Management
The FSN Network
Food for the Hungry
Social and
Behavioral Change
Mercy Corps
Agriculture and
Natural Resource Management
TANGO International
Monitoring and Evaluation
Who is TOPS?
A Program Advisory Committee (PAC) consisting of multiple top-name industry partners...
What does TOPS do?
Exists to provide technical and operational support, tools, and training to the food security community, particularly implementers of US Government food assistance programs
Capacity Strengthening
The FSN Network
The Small
Grants Program
What does TOPS do?
How do I get involved?
The FSN Network provides a venue for...
The FSN Network features...
Knowledge Sharing Meetings
Task Forces
Join with other practitioners in your area of expertise to share experiences, engage in peer learning, and develop and adapt crucial tools that are responsive to stakeholder needs and field realities.
Explore the online home for the FSN Network community of practice, where you can participate in online discussions, browse Task Force-recommended tools and over 500 resources, find and register for upcoming events, stay current on Food for Peace updates and relevant news, and review materials from past meetings and webinars.
FSN Network News
The FSN Network features...
Get involved today!
... to share promising practices, tools, and approaches for better program implementation.
Food for Peace
... to seek input through consultations, surveys, Task Force dialogue, and meetings.
International NGOs, Academicians, and Researchers
... to circulate new policies, guidelines, and evidence.
Learn new skills, discuss and explore emerging issues and recent tools, and meet fellow implementers, donors, and researchers to expand your circle of professional contacts.
The FSN Network features...
The FSN Network features...
Find all the relevant news, events, resources, and funding opportunities you need in one place in this bi-weekly e-newsletter, which reaches 1,900+ food security and nutrition implementers.
Topics of interest include...
Agriculture and economic development
Cash transfer programming, including e-transfer
Climate change adaptation
Community engagement
Food technology
Gender integration
Innovative behavior change approaches IYCF
Innovative gender program components
Knowledge dissemination and networking
Livestock and nutrition
Local and regional commodity purchase
Market systems development
Monitoring and evaluation (M&E)
Nutrition-sensitive value chains
Post-harvest loss mitigation
Theory of Change (TOC)
Water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH)

Up to $50,000
Typically used for one-off workshops/tool development/etc.
Program Improvement Awards
Up to $100,000
Typically used for longer-term research and process improvement



Twitter: @FSNnetwork

Links FFP with consolidated PVO input, and provides PVOs with collaborative forums to exchange ideas and lessons learned about food security programming and FFP priorities
Serves as a capacity strengthening and feedback mechanism
Identifies technical and programming needs and gaps, and offers proven tools and practices to fill them
Serves as an incubator/testing ground where new ideas and approaches can be tried, evaluated, adjusted, and applied
Workshops, trainings, tools development, and non-traditional learning on...
Agriculture, behavior change, commodity management, gender, knowledge management, M&E, nutrition, resilience, Theory of Change, and many other topics.
7 years, 2010-2015
US$30 million dollar Leader with Associates
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