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Ender's Game: Hero's Journey Project

A short rundown on Ender's "adventure".

Malik Harrison

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of Ender's Game: Hero's Journey Project

" An Egg? No. The pupa of the queen bugger, already fertilized by the larval males, ready, out of her own body, to hatch a hundred thousand buggers, including a few queens and males"

On page 319 the queen buggers pupa comes out. Since a pupa is something that many bug like animals incase themselves in, I thought it best to consider the queen bugger as an animal, but you could also consider her a character.

To Ender, since he found the pupa, the queen bugger was to become the rest of his lifes work. He owed the bugger race the finding of a new home, since it was obvious the humans would never accept the buggers as normal. The queen had also some how showed Ender all he wanted to know, how the bugges felt of what he had done

Animal: Hive-Queen
Ender's Game: Hero's Journey Project
"The enemy outnumbered him a thousand to one; the simulator glowed green with them. They were grouped in a dozen different formations, shifting positions, changing shapes, moving in a seemingly random patterns through the simulator field.(Card, 205)
This is clearly one of the most toughest ordeals that Ender has to get by, here he is looking at utter defeat against the whole of the Bugger army (although he doesn't know it at that point). There is absolutely nearly no chance that he can overcome the Bugger Army and he somehow manages to do the impossible with just a few outdated ships and fighter planes.
"You haven't been kind to him." "That wasn't the assignment." "How long can he go on? He's breaking down." "Long enough, It's nearly finished." "So soon?" "A few days, and then he's through." "How will he do, when he's already like this?" "Fine, even today he's fought better than ever." (Card, 202)

Ender sacrifices his own personal well being by trying to keep up with the 3rd Invasion (once again, he doesn't know that this is the real war). Ender nearly plundges into the jaws of exhaustion and by the end, is completely wiped out from the whole encounter. Failure to over come this small but horrifyingly effective blow to Ender would have ment the unability to command the fleet and ultimately, the war.

"I don't care anymore, thought Ender. you can keep you game. If you don't give me a chance, why should I play? (Card, 205)

Here Ender realizes that he shouldn't listen to the other leaders and just do what he thinks he should do to get the job done. Ender, instead of thinking about the consequences of his actions afterwards doesn't care. Making this change helps Ender defeat the Bugger Army by taking initiatives that destroyed the world of the Buggers. Ender would have never done so if he would have been thinking about how he's going to anger the leaders.
The Return
The Road Home
Quote: "Its fifty years to get there-"
"Only two years if your aboard the ship."
"But if you ever came back, everybody you knew on earth would be dead-"
"That was what I had in mind, though, that someone I knew on Eros might come with me"
" I don't want to go to a world that we stole from the buggers. I just want to go home"
" Ender your never going back to Earth. I saw to that before I left"
(Orson Scott Card, 311)

Throughout the entire book Ender's only dream was to return home with his parents and Valentine, his sister. After all that's happened he misses his family even more ( all his friends have left him), but yet he knows that he will never return. This is his Road home, or to a new home. Valentine has asked him to go with him to the planet of the buggers, where they are to colonize and grow. He knows that if he goes he will never return to the Earth he remembers. He is has many feelings about leaving, but maybe if he goes he may better understand the creatures that he unwillingly killed.
Quote: " I just want one thing clear. I'm not going for you. I'm not going in order to be governor, or because I'm bored here. I'm going because I know the buggers better than any other living soul, and maybe if I go there I can understand them better. I stole their future from them; I can only begin to repay by seeing what I can learn from their past."
(Orson Scott Card,314)

Ender is realizing how sorry he really felt for the buggers. He notices a way to sort of repay the buggers back for the harm he had committed. He has had many opportunities like this one, but here he is so deep into the truth that he believed not even his sister was as important as repaying the buggers The truth is, that Ender never hated the buggers like most humans did. He did not want to kill, or even hurt anything. His only dream was to go home. That is what made this face so difficult to locate. Ender let out how he felt many times making it difficult to decide which was closest.

Master of Two Worlds
Quote: " There flashed through his mind a dozen images of humans being killed by buggers, but with the image came a grief so powerful he could not bear it, and he wept their tears for them. " If you could make them feel as you can make me feel, then perhaps they could forgive you." Only me he realized.
(Orson Scott Card,320)

Although this may include info on how Ender sees the bugger ( Epiphany) I believe here is when Ender finally concurs both worlds. I think this because I believe that in this story the two worlds did not mean concurring another planet. Both worlds is more of how each side, both buggers and humans, viewed the war and their loses. Here Ender, after already feeling bad for what he had done, realizes how the buggers thought. He understood how they felt, their pain and sadness. Now that he understands them Ender has become a Master of both worlds. And you could say that his prize is the Queen bugger pupa.
Freedom to Live or Return
Quote: " So they boarded the starship and went from world to world, wherever they stopped he was always Andrew Wiggin, itinerant speaker for the dead and she was always Valentine, historian errant, writing down the stories of the living while Ender spoke the stories of the dead. And Ender carried with him a dry white cocoon, looking for the world where the hive-queen could awaken and thrive in peace."
(Orson Scott Card,324)

Here, Ender and Valentine have decided to spend the rest of their lives exploring other worlds. Ender will always keep the Queen bugger pupa with him, in hope of someday finding a suitable planet for the new beginning of the buggers. You could say that the problem of the book has been resolved, but now another question remains. Will Ender let the buggers thrive again? If so, will they attack the humans again? But now he is free from his original problem.

Ultimate Boon/Magic Elixir/Seizing the Sword:
Approach/Entering the Cave:
Supreme Ordeal:
Initiation Cont.
“ Hey, Third, hey, turd, you flunked out, huh?... And as soon as they did, Ender kicked high and hard, catching him square in the breastbone.” (Card, 6-7)

“And that some members of this conspiracy, notably the boy called Bonito de Madrid, commonly called Bonzo, are quite likely to exhibit no self-restraint when this punishment takes place, so that Ender Wiggin, an inestimably important international resource, will be in serious danger of his brains being pasted on the walls of your orbiting schoolhouse” (Card, 201).
General Pace is telling Colonel Graff that a group of boys, specifically Bonzo since Ender's army beat his in battle, are planning a conspiracy to attack Ender brutally.
Ender now has to face Bonzo, who wants to ruthlessly harm Ender showing no mercy, and overcome his deadly attack.
Ender got into a fight with Stilson, when him and his “gang” wouldn’t let Ender to the bus, so Ender was defending himself as usual. As we find out later in the book, Ender kills Stilson.
Ender was an outsider all of his life. He was often bullied by Stilson and his brother, Peter. His sister ,Valentine, would probably be the one to draw Ender to remain in this world.

Ordinary/Mundane World
Call to Adventure/ Refusal
“The sister is our weak link. He really loves her.”
“I know. She can undo it all, from the start. He won’t want to leave her.” (Card, 16)
The two talking are Graff and Anderson, and they are explaining that Valentine could ruin Ender’s chances of coming to battle school.
Crossing the Threshold
Ender is hesitant at first. Then, Graff explains in depth what the school could help him with. The problem would be leaving Valentine, but Valentine says it’s okay which persuades Ender to go to Command School.
Road of Trials

This quote was talking about Colonel Graff being very friendly and playful with him before the launch, and Ender thinks Colonel Graff will be his friend throughout this whole journey.

“Ender relaxed a little.
He would have a friend there.” (Card, 30)

Graff helps Ender to make his decision by explaining how he could possibly save the world. He also promises that Ender will be safe and be able to return home safely.
Ender launched into the new world. He is launched to the battle school, which could help the humans protect the Earth to save mankind.
This is when Ender really makes his mark in the school. He makes it by breaking Bernard's arm.
"...Ender reached up with both hands, snatched the boy by the wrist, and then pulled down on the arm, hard." (Card, 33)
“On impulse Ender hugged him, tight.... Alai suddenly kissed Ender on the cheek and whispered in his ear, ‘Salaam’” (Card, 69).

Ender has just found out he has been promoted to Salamander Army and he has to leave his best friend Alai and others just when things were looking up.

Alai loves and cares about his best friend Ender and they have a meaningful relationship. He is one of his closets ally and friend.
Outcast: Ender
"I can do it on my own, you little b******d, you Third." (Card, 2)
"Lost your birdie, Thirdie." (Card, 6)

These quotes show how Peter isn't favorable to Ender and how he is pushed around because he is the "Third" child, which is abnormal in this world.

Ender is always the one getting picked on by people like Peter, Stilson, Bernard, and Bonzo. Is this because Ender is a third or because he seems like an easier target?
"There were seven of them,.... watching him. Bonzo stood in front of them. Many were smiling, the condescending leer of the hunter for his cornered victim. Bonzo was not smiling" (Card 207-208).

While Ender is taking a shower, seven boys including Bonzo, who was the leader, and Bernard are watching him building up the moment to the fight.

Ender has to go through another challenge put together by his enemies. Throughout this novel Ender has to go through a series of challenges put together by his enemies.
Caregiver/Helper: Alai
" 'It was you, anyway. You were good, bosh. I didn't know how you'd get us out of that last one. But you did. You were good.' Ender noticed the way he spoke in the past. I was good."

After the Third Invasion, Alai visits Ender when he is depressed and in pain and cheers him up.

Alai is Ender's best friend so he knows how to get him through some tough times.
Villian: Bonzo
"Suddenly Bonzo swung at him, caught his jaw with a vicious open-handed slap. It knocked Ender sideways, into his bunk, and he almost fell. Then Bonzo slugged him, hard, in the stomach....'You disobeyed me,' Bonzo said."

Bonzo is hurting Ender because he disobeyed him even though the game became a tie and not a loss due to it.

Instead of thanking Ender, Bonzo punishes him. This is were there is significant growth in Bonzo's hatred toward Ender.
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