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Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

No description

kristin clark

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Rachel Hawkins Hex Hall Main Characters Bibliography About Rachel Hawkins. Shes 26 years old,
used to teach high school english. She left teaching to take a chance in writing her first book Hex Hall. Rachel graduated from Auburn Universty in Alabama. She lives with her husband and 3 year old son. Sophie Mercer- Shes known as a dark witch also known as part demon. Its her first year student at Hex Hall. A school for troubled powerful teens, they have to stay in school till they are 18.
Mrs. Mercer- Sophie's human mom, she took sophie away from her father. Hoping she wouldn't turn.
Archer Cross- A warlock who is dating Elodie Parris, but used to date her best friend Holy. He is also a spy for the "Loche de Dio" known as the eye.
Mrs. Casnoff- The headmaster of the school.
Jennifer Talbot- Also known as Jenna, Sophies roommate. She is a Vampire that no one likes. People thik that she's the cause for Holy's death.
Elodie Parris- Leader of the coven
Chaston Burnet- Part of the coven
Anna Giloroy- Part of the coven
Holly- Was part of the coven, she died of misterious causes. Which were blamed by her roommate Jenna. but she was actually a sacrifice to her coven, to bring a demon back to life.
Ms. Vanderlyden- She's called the Vandy by her students. Vady's a P.E. teacher used to be a dark witch, but got her powers stripped by the council. After her powers got stripped she got these blue tattoos all over her body.
James Athorton- Sophie's dad the head of the council. Sophie never met her fauther he lives in england.
Cal- Hes a white a witch who heels the students.
Alice- Is sophies grandmother, she was human than became a dark witch or a demon. Theme The theme of the book, "Its hard to make friends, when you have enemies" Rachel Hawkins The school, looks bigger on the inside Her roommate Jenna had her side
on the room covered in pink. Then like a godsend, I remember Elodie's advice. " I like your tattoos!" I blurted out.(Rachel Hawkins, Page 120) "Can we start over?" Chaston asked. "Friends?" (Rachel Hawkins page 110) "Listen," she said, taking my arm. "holly didn't graduate or leave. She died." Anna moved in on the other side of me. her eyes wide and frightened. "And Jenna Talbot killed her." (Rachel Hawkins, page 53) The pond is where sophie spent her free time. also where she felt lonely Plot
This books about how life can change
in a blink of an eye. Sophie one of the
main characters, finds out at her 13th birthday that she is a witch. Sophie and her mom move around alot because sophie uses her powers to try to help people but it always back fires on her.

Sophie than gets in rolled in hex hall where all the teens go till they are 18. Later on Sophie finds out that she is not a which but part demon. Finds out more about her families history on her dads side. Main Conflits
Some of the main conflicts in this book.
When sophie first comes to Hex Hall she was not liked. Because her father is head of the council. When Vandy the P.E. teachers powers where stripped away, he was the one that supervised.
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