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My Prezi is about Nature

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Transcript of Nature

Nature Polar Dance-For centuries polar bears have gathered along the Western shores of Hudson Bay during late October and early November waiting for the bay to freeze. here at Cape Churchill the land extends far out into the bay and is one of the first places the bay begins to freeze. When the ice grows solid, the polar bears move outonto the ice where they will spend the winter hunting for their main diet of ringed and beared seals.

African Elephants-Twilight of the Giants,Botswana 198 9.
African elephants at twilight, Loxodontaafricana.
Chobe National Park, Botswana. Australian Sea Lions-Australian sea lions play in the
sea grass beds off Little Hopkins Island, Australia. Water Lilies, Nymphaea Nouchali-Water lilies, Nymphaea Nouchali, Okavango Delta, Boatswana. The Okavango covers thousands of square miles, but it is really just a thin sheet of water stretched across the sands of the Kalahari. Mirror Image- Its imagemirrored inicy water, a polarbear travels submerged--a tactic often used to surprise prey. Scientists fear global warming could drive bears to extinction sometime this century.
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