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The Masque of the Red Death Prezi - Samantha Ciberey

No description

samantha ciberey

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of The Masque of the Red Death Prezi - Samantha Ciberey

This story will make a good film because of the horror and suspense that death brings in film and in real life.
Edgar Allan Poe
Ebony Clock
Prince Prospero
Party Guests
Plot Map
The Blue Room represents birth

The Blue Room

The Purple Room represents early childhood

The Purple Room

The Green Room represents the pre-teen stage in life

The Green Room

The Orange Room represents the adolescence years

The Orange Room

The White Room represents adulthood

The White Room

The Violet Room represents old age

The Violet Room

The Black Room represents death

The Black Room

Colors of Room ( The seven stages of life)
This film takes place in Dover Castle located in Kent, England. This is where the masquerade ball will be held.
Writer of works and poems we still read today.
The clock represents time passing and for every ding a year is gone. The clock exaggerates how fast time is fading away from the party guests.
The Black Room
Represents a final resting place like a grave or a coffin. The red tinted windows lining the top of the ceiling represent blood. This room is a foreshadow of death.
Prince Prospero
Represents the weathy and privileged people
that belonged to the upperclass.
The Masquerade Ball
Represents insecurity and the desire to make everything okay and back to the way things were.
The Abbey
Used for comfort and a place to be safe from the outside world.
Death is played by: Anthony Hopkins
For his role as Hannibal Lecter in
Silence of the Lambs
Prince Prospero will be played By Channing Tatum
Plague spreads throughout the town and killed the towns people
Rising Action:
The description of the rooms and emotions of the guests.
When Prince Prospero dies.
No one escapes death and "Red Death" takes over all the land.
Falling Action:
When the outside world is forgotten and when " Red Death" is discovered.
By: Samantha Ciberey
Simple yet elegant
Scary music is heard to symbolze the arrival of death at the ball. Lights go dime and flicker as he walks through the door. The masks are used to hide everyone's identity but no mask or costume can hide them from death.
In the
Masque of the Red Death
the plague has taken over Prince Prospero's land and has provoked him to gather a huge group of his people including his friends and hide in an abbey until the plague has passed. The abbey where they took refuge in will hold a vast masquerade ball to hide from the outside world. The ball commenced in the many rooms of the abbey which were decorated in differing color themes, each color represents one of the seven stages of life. The unique room colors all had a different meaning. The first room was blue, the second purple, third green, fourth orange, fifth white, sixth violet and the seventh and last room was black with red windows. The last room held an ebony clock that would strike at every hour scaring all his guests. The ebony clock symbolized that time was fading away from the guests and that the arrival of the " Red Death" was soon approaching. When the clock stroke 12 midnight a masked guest arrived which frightened all of the guests. Death was now a guest at the ball and the people began dieing, even Prince Prospero. The theme of this film is no one can escape death once he comes for you.
Christina Aguilera
Zac Efron
Adam Levine
Josh Hutcherson
Ryan Guzman
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