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Water Scarcity

A World Wide Problem

Aneece Douglas

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Water Scarcity

By: Aneece Douglas Water scarcity Is A world-wide Problem That We Face Today!
Seriously people?!! Are we really going to have to resort to towing icebergs around the earth like some entrepreneurs think? Did You Know? Water Scarcity Types of water scarcity: When there is not enough water to meet demand
When there is not enough money to access it and use it
Where your leaders take away your right to water Causes of
Water Scarcity Climate
Changes Food Production
& Land Use Population
Growth Water Quality & Demand Water Privatization Physical:
Political: In America we take water for granted because we don't have water shortages YET... We are wasting water by:
Dumping out usable drinking water
Taking long showers
Not fixing leaky faucets
Not using low-flow toilets & shower heads
We are polluting water by:
Dumping vegetable oil down the drain
Dumping waste from factories
We grow crops in dry climates instead of grazing animals
It takes almost 60 billion gallons of water to grow corn in Oklahoma! 1/4 of people in developing countries don't have the money or means to get water 1/5 of the world's population does not have enough water Is This What We Will Resort To? Water Related Diseases Since the water shortages have been happening all over the place, people store water in their homes. The mosquitoes come with diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. DO NOT leave uncapped water anywhere or the mosquitoes will come in and possibly make you very sick. Corporations plan to control 70% of our water in the next 10 years Water Related Diseases Guinea worms are worms live in dirty water. They can kill you but it is rare. The Guinea worm will go into you and worm out of your skin. How Can We Help?

You could stop paying for plastic water bottles and use water bottles that can be re-used.
You can turn the tap off when you brush your teeth, and take shorter showers.
You can share this wonderful resource, and try to conserve it by using water conservation technologies.
Try this web-site for more info! http://wateruseitwisely.com/100-ways-to-conserve/ If we run low on water we will buy other people's water sources It is predicted in the next 25 years the price for a gallon of water will be higher than a gallon of gas today When A company comes in and buys water sources outside of America Today, 85% of U.S. water is publicly owned Will There Be Enough Water? Some water might come from mountain streams, but some may just come right from the tap!
Bottled water takes resources -
47 million gallons of oil
1.5 million tons of plastic waste
Help the environment AND save money...
Buy water enhancer multi-serving bottles /packets and mix it yourself Just the little things matter! My Action Stop The Bottled Water! I made a fundraiser so people can donate to save lives!! The link is: http://give.water.org/f/Aneece/ Thanks for Watching! Remember, CONSERVE water!! Desalination This is when HUGE factories take salt out of water. This takes a lot of money and resources. Privatization 780 million people don't have access to clean water Every 20 seconds a child dies from a water related illness 200 million hours is used to collect water each day 80% of illnesses in developing nations die from unsafe water and poor sanitation JUST $25 WILL PROVIDE ONE PERSON WITH WATER FOR THEIR ENTIRE LIFE! 70% of water usage is for agriculture
11% for public demand
19% for industrial needs Survey Results Learner Profiles and IB Attitudes I think I showed these Learner profiles and IB Attitudes:

IB Attitudes
Commitment: because I stuck with water scarcity and learned how to use Prezi
Creative: because I have thought up a lot of ideas for my presentation
Risk-taker: because I did a completely different topic than I was planning

Learner Profiles
Research skills: by my commitment and perseverance to answer my questions to this world problem
Social skills: by talking to my peers, mentors, and teachers
Thinking skills: by really investigating and researching water scarcity and the impact it has on people More people have a cell phone than a toilet What Is Exhibition To Me? You pick a topic and learn about it all year
You create an action
You create a presentation to educate people about your problem The Central Idea I think my topic fits into it because if I don't get the word out who is going to act? YouTube Water Scarcity Video Communication is a essential skill
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