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5.04 Collaboration Physical Science

No description

Muhammed Hafez

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of 5.04 Collaboration Physical Science

Topic: How water and its special properties affect life on Earth

Rain forest

Jancarlo Sevilla Report on rain forest.
The rain forests contains lots of precipitation, warmth, and a lot of sunlight. These factors contributes life on the rainforest. The rainforests rains a lot; because, of that the environment is very humid. When a day goes by without rain the temperature on the rainforests gets really hot, because of all the humidity; however, if it rains the temperature will become cool once again. The rainforests goes through transpiration instead of evaporation. Transpiration is different from evaporation since it takes the moisture from the plants and forms clouds going through a phase call condensation and then after awhile it precipitates. Animals gets water from eating plants which contains small amounts of water, which it gets from the rain. Animals may also get water from rivers that are form from the rain. Most of the water in a rainforest are fresh. Rainforests also plays a major role in the world, because they create an estimate of 1/4 of the Earth's oxygen.
Taryn Barnett report on Grasslands
Grasslands is an ecosystem that has two types of ecosystem that are hot - cold and the other being humid-moist. As the precipitation of the ecosystem is unpredictable, because of that the ecosystem gets droughts and fires, however most of the plants and animals avoid these dangers as they are adapted to the environment. The grasslands are mainly of grass there is no tree, because the soil is too thin. Animals life on the grassland is tough. It can be similar to the desert, because of the daily bipolar temperature it has. The humid and moist grasslands gets more rain than the other type of grassland. The animals in that particular ecosystem lives a fine life compare to the other one. The moist and humid grassland can be compare to a swamp.
Which ecosystem relies most on the special properties of water to support the organism?
The special properties that benefits animals the most is the rainforest. The forests rains so much on a day it can create enough food for plants do photosynthesis, which is a process to create oxygen and sugar for the animals. It has enough nutrients for animals to live and prosper. The rainforests also has the most animals living in it because, of how it can be easily adapted to and the daily water animals can get.
The Group Final Decision
The groups final decision was obviously rain forest, because of how it mostly relies on water for the animals to survive. The water in the Prairie doesn't benefit a lot in the ecosystem as it was adapted to live without it.
2 Reason Why The Group Made This Decision?
The water has a major role in the ecosystem as it helps the plants and animals to survive.
Without the rain from the forests plants won't be able to create enough oxygen for the earth as we will be loosing about 1/4 or more.
Taryn Barnett (Friend)

Collaborate Project 5.04
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