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I CAN Drive 55: Cultures of Mobility

An examination of "Life, the High-speed Edition" in Packaging Life by Pramod K. Nayar.

Cheryl Abellanoza

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of I CAN Drive 55: Cultures of Mobility

I CAN Drive 55: Cultures of Mobility “Mobility could be about the actual physical act of transportation automobiles, mass transport systems, pedestrian traffic.”
(p. 135) Physical Or it could be
a metaphor to
show changes
in class demographics
of a nation [...]
‘[moving] up the
social ladder.’” (
p. 135) “It could even be used to discuss relationships." (p.135) Metaphorical Liquid Our bodies have cells that have semi-permeable membranes through which things can pass. Similarly, our lifestyle has a semi-permeable membrane that allows this flow in a culture of mobility. Every aspect of life seems to be permeated with images, ideas, acts, and metaphors of mobility.” (p. 136) “Mobility, in short, is more than about simple, physical displacement or motion.” (p.136)
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