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Apparel Industry Careers

No description

Tia Anderson

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Apparel Industry Careers

Apparel Industry Careers
By : Tia Anderson
Fashion Model
As a fashion model, you would promote clothing and accessories to fashion buyers
Career Qualifications
Modeling doesn't need a specific degree or credential but obtaining a relevant degree could enhance your prospects. You should be flexible, and dependable , you have to be able to convey the emotion and attitude of the brand your representing.
Potential Employers
Potential employers would be
brands that would hire a fashion
models to wear there
Job Tasks
Advancements can come from higher wages, and
greater demand of there work. Selecting a agent with good skills can help a models advancement.
enhance clothing line beauty and perform to designer directions
study as a vision to photographer
respond and perform down a runway.
Retail Buyer
Retail Buyers identify,select and purchase stock that matches the retailers requirements.
Although this area of work is open to all graduates, a degree in retail or business can equip you for greater chances
Have to have a 2.2 or above for graduates
Potential Employers
Retail buyers would work for companies in retail and purchase products
Job Tasks
Buying patterns, and caching on to the latest fashion trends
meeting suppliers and negotiate terms of contracts
maintaining relationships with existing suppliers and future products
writing reports and forecasting sales level
Retail buyers are placed at management level which is the highest level making 30,000 per year and more. The steps to get there is becoming entry level and working your way up as ( sales associate, stock clerk and etc. )
Fashion Photographer
A genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items. Conducted in magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, or Elle
Career Qualifications
It depends on that persons goals in photography. An associates degree might suffice for some positions outset of a career. A bachelors degree typically including art, business, marketing, and other sources may be good also.
Potential Employers
Salaried jobs in particular may be more difficult to find as some companies contract with freelancers rather than hire their own photographer.
Job Tasks
Photographers use their technical expertise, creativity, and composition skills to produce and preserve images that visually tell a story.
Photographers may start out as assistants and learn how to develop film and print jobs , they could advance to editors, others open their own business.
Mannequin Model
The process where live models hold frozen mannequin like positions.
You would need the right body to be a mannequin model and have the right figure , image.
Potential Employers
mannequin models tend to work with designers and different retail stores for advertising there clothing.
Job Tasks
They usually stand and wear designs to promote clothing for the company
They could make higher wages and greater demand of their work.
Runway Model
A runway model is someone who models to promote, display, advertise commercial products or to serve a physical subject.
To be a model you should be a certain height and have a certain weight. You should have a certain body and a certain age
Potential Employers
They usually work for photographers or designers and certain retails
Job Tasks
They pose for photographers, artist and customers to promote clothing and cosmetics
Sometimes they work up to be a fashion designer or a photographer
Fashion Writer
A fashion writer provides content for print and electronic media and writes about fashion products and designers
They usually have a bachelors degree in journalism and experience in the fashion industry and they should have computer skills.
Potential Employers
finding a career may be difficult, but it relies on networking with people in the fashion industry
they might work with magazines, a public relation services or a television show
Job Tasks
They might be required to attend fashion shows
visit fashion agencies
to conduct interviews with designers
to meet with public relations agencies
They might work up with photographers writing the fashion articles for major magazines. and they might work up in the fashion industry
Fashion Illustrator
A fashion illustrator is someone who creates drawing, sketches, and other parts of art that pertains to the fashion industry
these artist have no educational
requirements, however enrolling into a related degree program may help them develop there cultivate artistic talents
Potential employers
fashion illustrators work with designers to create visual clothing, shoes and etc. They might work with with textile companies, designers, and department stores
Job Tasks
they sketch ideas from the designers and bring them to life
illustration of live models
accessory and figure composition
fashion image drawing
and Etc ..
Fashion Director
a fashion director makes a lot of fashion and story decisions with the magazine editor. its there job to make sure the photographer expresses the magazine fashion ideas.
a fashion oriented degree as a fashion coordinator
and a high school diploma or ged equivalent a bachelors degree can also be helpful.
Potential Employers
haute couturiers
textile & apparel manufactures
fashion studios
job Tasks
they have to work as a producer, director and adviser. they has to make sure its the best for the shoot. they has to make sure its matching the fashion trends.
fashion directors are the highest fashion design position. there isn't a lot of available jobs of advance.
Advertising Account Executive
An employee of an advertising agency who acts as the main link between one or more clients and the rest of the agency
they would need at least a bachelors degree in business administration, advertising, journalism or marketing. some larger companies may prefer a master business administration (MBA)
Potential Employers
they work throughout the fashion industry , from couture to cosmetics
Job Tasks
to promote clothing through direct mail, newspaper ads, TV and radio spots. They reach out to certain media outlets outside the office
you could work up to a senior account executive
Visual Display Artist
A display artist is someone who puts together exhibitions and displays
No specifications are needed but some people with some education, such as a bachelors degree in art, advertising, and graphics can find jobs easily.
Potential Employers
usually works in retail and department stores to promote clothing.
Job Tasks
promote clothing
mostly do window dressing
make sure that the store message is delivered to customers
a visual display artist could advance into a supervisory position at a big store, and may become the display supervisory for chains
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