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No description

Mia Peterson

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of JANOSKIANS

WHO ARE THEY???? Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation Skip JANOSKIANS they are 5 boys from Melbourne Australia! they are very well know on youtube, facebook and twitter ect. the members are jai, luke, beau, daniel (skip) and james jai and luke are twins JAI DOMENIC BROOKS jai was once in a commercial with luke but it only aired in japan they made there youtube account on july 7th 2011 his favorite sports are Tennis afl soccer
and the sports he plays are tennis gym LUKE ANTHONY MARK BROOKS luke has a fear of crossing roads luke is the older twin by 2 minutes he likes to cook he plays the guitar luke hangs out with jai at school he has never been over seas if he could choose where to live in the world he would live in hawaii since the janoskians luke has been bullied every day beau peter brooks his favorite colour is red jai brooks is apparently dating Adriana grande He is the oldest janoskian he finished school last year he is brothers with jai and luke his favorite sport is AFL he has a dog named lala whenever luke or jai say something funny beau copies it and says it louder so people think he made it up he owns 9 pairs of vans Daniel Sahyounie everyone calls him skip instead of daniel he knows how to play the drums his birthday is on Halloween favorite colour is red his favorite sport is soccer he was almost not going to be in the group his 18 years old James Yammouni his half italian James has a fear of being strangled while his in the shower he likes to do his homework James is closest to jai he is born on the 27th of February his in year 11 he doesn't like it when people hate on the janoskians fans he likes AFL
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