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All about me

No description

Kevin Nguyen

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of All about me

All about me By Kevin Nguyen I am Creative. I try to think of things, that others, wouldn't think of! I am Resourceful I am Organized Or at least better than something plain. What makes me creative? Well there are a few reasons. I did make this
Prezi. That's why I am Creative! For projects like this I try to plan it
out! I record what I am suppose to do that night, in my agenda. And I plan what to write in a paragraph.
So it links up to other sentences in the paragraph! I try to use all my resources and space given to me. When I am stuck on a problem, or
run out of ideas. I try and look around the room and ask people! Wondering how the background changes? Well I found how to do this by looking around the website. Here is the video to show how to do that! That's why I am resourceful! That's why I am organized! I love to Read! Well this is the end of my prezi! Hope you enjoyed it! Although I would put off some books if I don't like it. Or if it's just plain confusing. Books written by Shakespeare will just annoy me. Besides that I love books! Well this is the end of my prezi!
Hope you enjoyed it!
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